Every profession or hobby possesses a unique set of knowledge and skills that can be utilized to save money. From understanding the intricacies of financial markets to mastering DIY home repairs, individuals can tap into their areas of expertise to stretch their dollars further.

An internet user asked, what do you know about your profession/hobby that can help save people money?

OP says, “Most people know about ordering things online such as HDMI cables or not paying for anti-virus (believe me, millions still do). Everyone here makes fun of people who pay to get RAM installed which literally takes 2 seconds. I’m sure car mechanics make fun of us for bringing our cars in for menial tasks as well. Let loose!”

We’ve compiled below the best 15 tips people came up with: 

Make Infinite Yogurt At Home

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“Step one: Buy a single serving of plain yogurt with active culture

Step two: Fill several mason jars with milk and bring to just under a boil.

Let it cool to room temperature. 

Step three: put a heaping spoonful of yogurt in each of the milk jars. Stir it in gently.

Step four: Leave at room temperature. overnight.

Step five: Refrigerate.

Step six: Consume with sweetener and fruit or however you fancy.

Step seven: repeat all steps by using a small bit from the jars you made.


Try Googling Your Computer Problems On Your Computer

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“If you have a problem with your computer…try googling the problem that you have.” Said one. 

“This is how I usually fix most of my work issues and how I learned most of the stuff I know about computers. Hahaha, I’m mortified that the boss might one day figure this out.” Another added. 

The newest Milk Is At The Bottom Of The Shelf

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“The newest milk is always at the bottom of the shelf.

…I hate my job. Jesus Christ, I hate my job…” Said one.

Exercise Regularly & Fix Your Posture

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“I am a physiotherapist: Sit at your desk with proper posture. Get regular moderate exercise. Many of the injuries that I see in my clinic are injuries of UNDER use not overuse. This is of course a generalization as injuries happen with sports, slips and falls etc. But the number one thing I try to get people to correct is their posture to treat and/or prevent neck, back and shoulder problems and headaches.”

Spend Quality Time With Your Young Ones

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“Teacher here:  If you are a parent, spend as much quality time as you can with your kids reading to/with them when they are young.  The long-term benefit is almost incalculable.”

Reach Out To Your College Instructor If You Need Help

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“College instructor here. If you’re broke and can hardly afford the required text for the class, you can always email the instructor ahead of time to find out alternate options:

*  Maybe an older edition, oftentimes at a much lower rate, works just fine.  

*  Maybe a copy of the book(s) will be put on reserve in the campus library.  

*  Better yet, you never know: the teacher might have spare copies you can borrow (I’ve loaned out a spare more than once).”

If You Can’t Pay A Medical Bill, Inform The Concerned People Right Away

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“If you cannot pay a medical bill, call the hospital/doctor’s office as soon as you get the bill. The office is much more likely to negotiate early in the process than after they sent you to collections. Some places will even give you a discount if you pay in cash/pay in full upfront.”

Check For Deals While Ordering Pizza

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“As a former pizza delivery driver for Dominos and Pizza Hut: There are special deals for everything. Never ever order pizzas without first checking if there’s a deal for something you are looking for, or asking over the phone if you have to.”

Buy Your Children’s Clothes From Thrift Stores

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“I’m an Early Childhood Educator here. Children are expensive!! And they grow FAST. Buy clothes at Thrift shops while they are young. Most of the things have only been worn a few times, and you can get them at a fraction of the cost. 

Or…. to save on costs, just don’t have kids.”

Don’t Resort To The Cheapest Stuff Always

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“NEVER go with the cheapest anything by default, always make an informed decision based on reasonable logic.  

As a CAD tech working in a zombie construction industry, I can’t count how many times I’ve seen an owner pick the cheapest construction bid, only to find that the contractor skimps on supplies, lies to the engineers about site conditions, and can’t follow the schematics worth a damn.  *Short term* is for losers, always think about how your wallet will be affected in the long run.”

Don’t Take Mathematics For Granted

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“I’m a high school math teacher. If you learn to think for yourself and solve your own problems as well as those of your loved ones, you’ll be more critical about everything, you won’t give away your money buying overpriced stuff or stuff you don’t need.

You’ll know when someone is trying to pull a scam on you, or when a politician is trying to sell you crap. That is all.”

Learn To Cook

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“Learn to cook. It makes eating out less appealing when you know what you can make at home tastes so much better and cheaper.” Said one. 

“So true. This is my thought all the time. I typically go out to restaurants and order uncommon foods/combinations to see how they did something and to get ideas. Anything normal sounding is boring for me because I have typically made it myself and I can feed my family a nicer dinner for what my one meal would cost.” Another added.

Park Your Car In A Walmart Parking Lot When You’re On A Road Trip 

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“If you’re on a road trip you can park in a Walmart parking lot and sleep for a day or two without hassle. don’t be a jerk and overstay your welcome and consider buying some stuff in appreciation. You know you need clean socks and beef jerky, it’s a road trip!”

Learn How The Buttons On Your Generator Work

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“I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve had to drive out to someone’s house to push a few buttons on a generator… the kind of stuff I could tell them how to do over the phone. One trip recently was to do something that actually had clear instructions written on the control panel.”

Buy Slow-Release Fertilizers

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“I work in horticulture and this is the best advice I can give you. Buy slow-release fertilizers. This will save you time, money, and water and your plants will love you for it. Don’t buy fast release or powders as they need to be reapplied constantly and are a danger of burning your plant roots.”

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