Alluring yet harmful, many substances emit enticing scents that can ensnare you in an unhealthy addiction. A user asked the forum, “What smells so good but is so bad for you?”. Here are the top responses.


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“Fair food. It’s the best-smelling and most outrageously unhealthy. Fried butter?! Get out of here.”


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“Gasoline. The smell is actually addicting.”


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“I don’t know if inhaling too much smoke from a fire is bad for you, but if it is, that’s a big problem for me; it smells so good.”


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“I work in a lab. So many good/dangerous smells.

Malic acid (smells like candy, is actually IN candy) is the best

Iso-octane smells nice.

Actually, the entire fridge with all the alcohol smells great.”


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“Cinnabon. I bought one that came straight out of the oven; they told me it was too hot and would burn me.

They were right, and I absolutely came back the next day to burn my face/hands off again. Worth it.”


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The World Health Organization (WHO) has classified bacon as a Group 1 carcinogen, which means it’s known to cause cancer. One of the biggest risks of bacon is associated with two preservatives, nitrates and nitrites, that can form cancer-causing compounds.”


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“Markers. White Out. The solvent vapors cause neurological damage.”


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“That smell when it just starts raining in summer, and the asphalt was warm…. Tickles me where the sun doesn’t shine.”


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“I quit smoking back in 2006, but to this day, I still miss the smooth smell of Marlboro.”


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“Isopropyl Alcohol gives me nostalgia for cleaning old Sega and new games when they wouldn’t start.’


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“Perfumed things, generally.

The ingredients generally aren’t actually listed and can include carcinogens and genotoxic compounds.

To the extent that the industry is regulated, it’s self-regulating, most of the ingredients haven’t been tested, and those that have operated on “safe” levels assume that you’ll only ever come into contact with one perfumed product in a day.”


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“Scented candles and air fresheners.’


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“Benzene. Come for the lovely smell; stay for the liver cancer. Also, cyanide smells of almonds.’

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