There are some movies that we just can’t stop watching because of how good they are. A user took it to the forum, and asked “What movie have you seen an unhealthy number of times?”. Here are the top responses.


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“Groundhog day any day! This movie is one of the very best, and criminally underrated.”, said one user.

“I feel like there was a while in the 90’s where it was constantly playing on HBO. I would watch it every time I came across it and so have seen it an absurd number of times as well. It really holds its value, I would never seek it out, but if I come across it on TV I still stop and watch from whatever point it’s at.”, said another user.


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“I’ve seen Jurassic Park so many times I could clone dinosaurs myself.”, said one user.

“Every time I’m channel surfing and I see Jurassic Park, I have to stop and watch.”, said another user.


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“The Princess Bride. I’ve seen it so many times I know the dialogue by heart.”, said one user.


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“Tenet! Feels like I learn something new every time I watch it.”, said one user.


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“The Dark Knight, saw that way too many times.”, said one user.

“I can literally write the whole movie , and replay it on demand. I used to go on exams and instead of remembering some formulas, I would just remember a scene from the dark knight.”, said another user.

ALIENS (1986)

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“It’s just perfect in every way and has stood the test of time over decades. Sure, there are a couple of chromas that look outdated but it’s overall an excellent film.”, said one user.


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“I love The Fifth Element because on the surface it just looks like a silly action/adventure movie but once you watch it it’s a really well-done SciFi.”, said one user.


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“That final rendition of sugar high just gives me shivers every time. So much emotion!”, said one user.

“Every time I walk through the office I do that half call, ‘Gina, work!’. Nobody ever gets it but it tickles me.”, said another user.


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“If I’m ever feeling sad and want to just have a dead-day, I marathon the ‘Lord of the rings’ trilogy. Never fails to help!”, said one user.


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“I have seen the Harry Potter movies way too many times.”, said one user.

“I own the DVDs, so I don’t feel bad that it’s my go to series for post thanksgiving weekend. It’s the right amount of fall/winter to be in between the phase after Halloween and before Christmas.”, said another user.


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“I am certain that the number of hours I’ve spent over my lifetime watching Titanic greatly exceeds the number of hours the Titanic itself actually spent above water.”, said one user.

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