Making informed decisions is very important to move forward in life. Even if you make some wrong moves, you should learn from the experiences.

Have you ever seen people ruin their life because of their habits and poor decision-making skills?

A user asked the forum, “What is the stupidest way you have ever seen someone ruin their own life?”. Let’s look at the top responses.


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“I saw my friend Timmy get a 20k inheritance for college. Instead, he dropped out after one semester because he didn’t like the instructor.

Spent his money on a Miata. Sold it for like 10k less than he paid for it. Then bought a Jetta. Then spent the rest of his money on samurai swords and glow sticks.

Fifteen years later, he still has no education; the Jetta is long gone and well, he’s messed up.”


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“A good friend of mine inherited about $20m when he turned 21. Basically stopped hanging out with me because he only wanted to be friends with guys that would bring girls when he went out.

Bought a Lambo, Ferrari, among other toys. Within about four years, he had spent it all and couldn’t afford his power bill. Fast forward a few years later, he reached out asking me for a loan of $1500. I gave it to him, followed up a few times over a year later, and he said he would pay back whenever he could.

We go out to dinner with a big group of friends; avg plate at the restaurant is about $30; he decides to order the $90 wagyu steak, TWO of them. Apparently, he had made some money in some new venture and was going to pay me back but lost it all again a month later.”


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“There was a guy who tried heroin and posted about it here on Reddit, and he swore he wouldn’t get addicted, and then it spiraled out of control, which he continued to post upon. Heroin ain’t a joke, and I think he was beyond stupid to try it and deny the consequences.”


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“Refusing to see a doctor after a tick bite that showed obvious signs of borreliosis.”


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“Guy I knew was working as a train engineer. Mid-20s. He was an alcoholic but had never really messed with drugs.

He and a few friends decided to try some magic mushrooms. A few hours in, they’re at a neighborhood park. The guy’s heart starts racing. He thinks he’s having a heart attack. He tells his friends and begs them to call him an ambulance.

The friends are tripping hard and don’t care. Apparently, they’re concerned calling an ambulance will get them in trouble for doing drugs.

Guy decides he’s gonna need to take action on his own. He starts running through the neighborhood, screaming for help. He sees an open garage door and runs into the garage and then into the house.

Inside the house is an Asian family. None of them speaks English. The guy yells at them to call an ambulance for him. Asian dad grabs a knife and starts jabbing at the guy, so he’ll back away from the kids. Asian mom calls the police.

Asian dad holds guy at knifepoint until police arrive. Not sure what the exact charges were, but he got three months in jail.

The day he gets out, his friends throw him a kegger to celebrate. Guy gets smashed and drives and gets a DUI.”


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“Knew someone who won 45,000 from a 5-dollar scratch-off. After taxes, it was about 25,000 or so. They blew it on clothes, a new car, and drugs. Ended up getting pulled over in the car. His license was suspended.

Got the car taken away and went to jail. Years after, he hated people bringing that situation up. 25,000 isn’t a whole lot, but it’s still enough to do a lot with if done correctly. He got sober and everything. He’s a good person.”


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“Almost ruined his life by trying to fight airport security because the airport McDonald didn’t give him the right size drink. They could have arrested him, and he was yelling, “I’m not going to jail over McDonald!”. And the guards were like, “then stop.””


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“Computer game addiction is slowly killing my ex-husband in every regard. He’s lost his marriage, kids, job, and friends and is about to lose his house. He refuses to admit there’s a problem.”


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“Driving like they think they’re in a Fast and Furious movie, running out of skill, and ending up in the ER with permanent injuries if they’re lucky enough not to die in the crash itself. I’ve only seen it a thousand times. It’s even worse when innocent bystanders get hurt because of these speed demons.

I’m a slow driver on public roads. Some speed demons probably think I drive slow because I can’t drive fast. Untrue: I did club racing in my mid-20s, and I still do sim racing occasionally. I do the speed limit on public roads because racing on public roads is one of the dumbest ideas in the history of dumb ideas.

Take the Fast and Furious stuff to a track where there are runoff areas and gravel traps to save you if and when you run out of skill.”


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“A former coworker and nice guy told me about how he is going to retire in 6 months at age 51. This was my 2nd part-time job as I’m an underpaid teacher, and he and I were getting $17-20 per hour at Menards.

He told me he has a multi-millionaire mentor in the UK who is helping him invest in crypto lending. He was so proud of the 5% daily interest he was earning on his “investment.”.” A month later, he told me he was going to retire in 2 months and surprise his wife and kids by telling them everything was paid off and they were moving to Florida.

I asked him why he could retire in 2 months vs. five more months, and he said he is surprising his wife because he cashed out all his 401ks and also has secured multiple loans in order to pump it all into his crypto investment.

It was heartbreaking, and the more I asked leading questions (I have a business / Econ degree, and I am the treasurer for a very large organization w/ a $180 million annual budget, but he became more hostile the more I asked questions about the whole thing.)

I was tempted to send an anonymous letter to his wife saying some people (all my coworkers and I) are really concerned her husband is the current victim of a major crypto scam and to ask her bank and lender to make sure she is protected.

It was really disappointing.”


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“College roommate left school during sophomore year, took a year off, and then went to seminary and became a youth pastor.

Fast forward five years, he runs away to Mexico with a 13-year-old girl from his youth group.”


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“Guy I knew cheated on his wife, only for his mistress to leave him for his wife. They got married, got full custody of his kids, he was fired for having an improper relationship with a coworker, and now pays child support and alimony.”


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“Gambling, hands down. At least alcohol and drugs, though destructive, there’s a fair high to money exchange, it takes a while to ruin your life, and you can’t hide it that long before people notice, and there’s a chance of support.

Got people losing their houses playing stupid apps on their phone and getting through money 1000X what you could with drugs.”


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“A boy I grew up with shot and killed himself over a girl when we were in 9th grade. We were 15. I’ll be 30 next year, and I wonder what he’d have been like if he were still alive.

His mom is still heartbroken, as she should be. That was her baby. He was a genuine, sweet kid. One day we had math class together for the last time. RIP Dustin.”


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“My friend works with a guy. He had bad headaches, so they did a scan and found a shadow on his brain. He won’t go back to the hospital as ‘people go in but never come out of them’ he now can’t speak properly, forgets what he was saying mid-sentence, loses coordination, and is looking deathly ill. Still, he won’t go to the hospital; the man’s 42 with three young kids.”


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“On a Christmas morning, this 16-year-old kid was being stopped by police, he shot and killed the police officer, he was arrested, happened a block from where I used to live, couldn’t believe how a kid can ruin his life like that, still shock me!”

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