Netizens frequently seek advice from strangers, but blindly following this guidance can be hazardous due to its potential inappropriateness.

A user asked the forum, “What common advice on the internet is wrong?”. Let’s look at the top responses.


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“Mild inconvenience or inconsideration in a relationship is a massive red flag, and you need to break up.”


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“Speaking as an attorney, the legal advice I see on here is ATROCIOUS.”


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“If someone makes you feel any negative emotion whatsoever, you need to cut all contact with them.”


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“Any disagreement is gaslighting, and anyone who disagrees with you is a narcissist.”


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“DO NOT listen to anyone on this site when it comes to taxes.

It’s mind-boggling how stupid they are when it comes to tax “advice”. Even their criticisms of taxes are completely bathed in overreaction, hyperbole, and misinformation.”


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“Anything being childhood trauma and acting like this is the only type of trauma one can have.”


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“Your friends/family/neighbors/colleagues are toxic, and you need to get away from them.

They may well be, but strangers on the internet are in no position to make that assessment.”


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“Most common thing I see is credit cards are bad. Credit cards are great; misuse of them is bad.”


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“Cows are just as friendly as dogs. No, they are not.

Cattle can absolutely kill you, and for the love of god, don’t approach a calf unless you know where its mother is.

The cute, cuddly cows you see on here are bottle-fed and used to human contact.”


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“The idea that going to a therapist will remedy anything and everything. War, famine, pestilence, talk to a well-meaning MSW, and all will be sunshine and rainbows again.”


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“About 90% of the time, somebody advises that you go talk to your company’s Human Resources department. It’s a terrible idea.”


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“Check with a doctor before you start a keto diet (or any major diet, really).

I’ve no doubt keto has been helpful for folks, but it’s not necessarily compatible with everyone. I’ve got chronically high cholesterol thanks to genetics, and a couple of other factors, and my physician has expressly forbidden me from trying it.”

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