Not every country is a travel destination on the wish list of people who are enthusiastic travelers and want to travel the World before they die. But, are there any countries that no one wants to ever visit?

A user asked the forum, “What country can you live the rest of your life without visiting?”. Let’s read the top replies from the forum.


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“Afghanistan is dangerous due to war and not a great spot for women visitors.”

“Afghanistan, because they treat women and girls terribly and made a conscious decision to go back to the Dark Ages in all the worst ways possible.”


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“I’m going to add Dubai to this (yes, I know Dubai isn’t a country) because so many wealthy Westerners visit. Their laws when it comes to women, LGBT+, and workers’ rights are too awful for me to want to visit. (And before everyone says well, the US is doing away with a bunch of women’s rights and LGBT+ rights, yes, sure, but not even in the same ballpark, and I choose to live in a state that is one of the best for women’s rights, LGBT+ rights, and workers rights.).”


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“Egypt – as many down thread said. Cairo looks like (is) a war zone. Turrets on street corners, tanks, soldiers with automatic weapons everywhere. We had an armed police officer on the tour bus (Road Scholar, and nothing against them, they are a great company to travel with), a police escort everywhere, bomb dogs, and a guy with a mirror looking under the bus for bombs.

Cairo is dirty and littered, and the poverty is staggering. The food was meh at best, as we could not travel outside the hotel or tour path to eat. It was blisteringly hot. The camel guys at the Pyramids were mean to all of the women and the animals, with children working there as well.

The Egyptian Museum was a disgrace to the county. Poorly organized, bad labels, no security, priceless textiles, parchments, leather, etc., jumbled in cases exposed to the air, heat, and hands. No AC. The only things well cared for and secured were Tutankhamun’s artifacts.

It’s a spectacular resource and collection and so badly cared for with no curation. The new one just opened; I sure hope it’s better. Once you’ve seen one temple, one hieroglyphic, you’ve truly seen them all. It’s all about tourists $, and the street vendors were RELENTLESS and scary.

Even on a nice open boat ride down the Nile, kids paddled up to the boat on wooden doors, selling cheap nonsense stuff or just begging. Never again.”


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“Haiti. I wish it was safe because I love Haitian culture, people, and food, but it’s very dangerous right now.”


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I’ve always wanted to see The Eye Of The Sahara. It’s an ancient geological structure that formed while the Pangea super-continent still existed. It’s volcanic and nearly 40km in diameter.

However, Mauritania is pretty messy. Your chances of getting there are about equal to your chances of getting kidnapped. So yeah, that one is going to stay unchecked from the bucket list.”


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“My religion requires that I visit Iran, but I don’t know if I ever will.”


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“Saudi Arabia.

If it ever becomes just Arabia, then maybe.”


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“India. My dad refuses to go back or do business there. A friend of mine was almost abducted several times before she fled to the American embassy. Also, four coworkers at my last job told me they haven’t been back in 20 years despite being born there.”


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“Bangladesh. I have visited it, but if you haven’t visited, you really don’t want to!”


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“North Korea? No thanks, I prefer my vacations with a little less surveillance!”


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“China, unfortunately.

As it is, it is too dangerous to become a pawn for Xi’s 4D Chess as a Canadian traveling to China at the moment, and no way I’m gambling on that. The country has a rich history and looks gorgeous, it’s too bad, but I’ll have to skip it.”


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“I will never visit Brazil. I like my head on my shoulders.”


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“Africa has a lot of cool stuff, but it’s a challenge to travel there and the scams, hacking, etc. I’m just not up for worrying about that stuff anymore.”


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“Peru and Bolivia.

My wife is from Chile, so both of those are off the table.

We took a cruise from Chile to Miami, and she refused to get off the boat in Peru; we had this huge fight about it. She was convinced that any money you spent in Peru would go straight to the government and would then turn around and use it to bomb Chile.

It’s a pretty sensitive subject, apparently.”


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“Pakistan. Many of my in-laws have taken the time and effort to inform me (a middle-aged Finnish-looking dude) that I will be repeatedly raped, arrested, and then raped if I ever set foot there.”


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“Turkey. Too much racism towards Arabs.”


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“Australia has too many non-human creatures that can kill us. Also, they kill cats and giant toads, and they have Christmas on the beach.”

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