The rapid evolution of technology continuously introduces new job opportunities, yet certain professions remain saturated. This phenomenon stems from individuals’ reluctance to embrace change and their preference for established, albeit overcrowded, career paths.

A user asked the forum, “What careers in America are currently “over-saturated” in your opinion? or most oversaturated jobs in the US” Here are the top answers. 


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“I was told by multiple museum directors/professors that there are way too many museum studies/public history majors for the number of museum jobs that exist.”


7. library
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“I volunteered for a library a while back, thinking that I might want to get a master’s in library science, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’d basically have to wait for someone to either retire or die.

And even after potentially waiting years for a position to open up, I might not even get it.”


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“Anyone trying to make a living out of Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, and/or TikTok.”


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“Software Developers, but only at entry level. There are God knows how many “learn to code and make six figures” pick and shovel sellers out there.

Unfortunately, while software development can be lucrative, it’s mainly the experienced developers that are in demand.  Entry-level/early career developers tend to cost more than they bring in and are ultimately an investment more than anything.”


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“Middle management and administration roles have skyrocketed. I don’t have the stats in front of me, but if I can recall, the administrator-to-pupil ratio in California schools tripled between the 1980s and 2010s.”


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“Public health jobs. There’s firstly major confusion in the field of what a job is in the area of public health. Many think it’s got to have “public health” in the title or description vs. jobs in the field that don’t know how to define that worker.

For adjacent jobs, though, you are competing with specialists in their own fields, like data analysts, nurses, doctors, etc.

There was also this huge influx of jobs during COVID, but those were mostly temporary and part-time and largely retired.

Normally jobs in the sector rely heavily on funding and small teams doing lots of work. It took me five years to break into the field from school with a bachelor’s and multiple certifications. The normal entrance takes a master’s, and it can take just as long to establish your skills in a career. The pay is not amazing, and the work is hardly recognized. Also, mostly public sector/ gov work.

I could take my skills to the private sector at this point in my career and make maybe 20% better pay, but I wouldn’t be in a position of making even the slightest difference in someone’s life. (You have to be very dedicated to this for lots of public health jobs).”


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“It’s weird for me because everyone I know is in nursing or in school for nursing, but yet there’s a shortage of nurses in the field.”


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“Wildlife biologists. If you want an environmental career go for wetland science. There are tons of consulting and public sector positions out there for wetland scientists but very, very few permanent positions for wildlife biologists.”


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“Data analysts. At least entry-level. Everyone right now seems to be jumping on the bandwagon. They take a boot camp course or, worse, just the Google Certification, and in six weeks, they expect a full-time data analyst job.

Now every entry-level or even more than entry-level position posted on Indeed or LinkedIn will have like 1000+ applications inside of a few minutes, and the vast majority are those who only have that short certification.”


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“We probably don’t need any more social media influencers.”


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“Music, generally, especially with easier access to recording equipment/software and the advent of Spotify and Apple Music.

Anybody can make music and throw it up online, but there’s just so much music vying for people’s attention that actually making a career out of it is increasingly difficult.”


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“History professors. I could’ve done it, but not in this job market.”


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“Everyone I know wants to be an engineer. Not even a specific kind, just “an engineer’.”


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“I don’t have personal experience, but just based on the number of people I know with/getting a psych degree and how almost all of them work at restaurants/retail stores, I would assume it’s pretty useless.”


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“There are way too many film schools than we have jobs. My assistant two ago had a MASTERS from USC in film. I had to have her do coffee and lunch runs.”


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“UX design. Too many scammy boot camps have convinced people that they can get a six-figure salary working as a UX designer with just a boot camp and a dream. Entry-level user experience jobs are over-saturated.”

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