In the quest for a healthy lifestyle, people often adopt specific diets to stay fit and vibrant. A user asked the forum, “Beautifully fit people, what is your diet?” Here are the top responses. 


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“I eat a metric ton of chicken, rice, and broccoli weekly.”


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“Breakfast: Lowfat Greek Yogurt + Black Coffee

Lunch: Brown Rice, Lean meat, Broccoli

Snack: FiberOne bar.

Dinner: Sweet potato, Less lean meat, Broccoli

Snack/post workout: Protein shakes with half water, half unsweet silk.

I use zero-calorie, low-sugar sauces on my food to mix things up. Sometimes, I eat oats/egg whites for breakfast. This diet doesn’t bother me much because I love chicken, turkey, rice, and grains.

Drink 2 gallons of water per day with the occasional Diet Dr.Pepper. I lift six days a week, and on average, I do cardio for two episodes of whatever show on Netflix every day after work.

Supplements: Fish oil tablets twice a day, Vitamin D Tablets for completion (Underrated), Green tea extract (good for metabolism).”


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“Smaller portions of pretty much everything; watch your calories and sugar. Try to keep it under 36g of sugar a day. Also, I drink soda very sparingly. I enjoy those bad-for-you foods like pizza, soda, and ice cream, but I rarely eat it, and when I do, I watch the quantities.”


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“Not beautiful, but fit. People get too worked up on diets/bad foods/fat. I eat whatever I want as long as I am under my calorie limit. Cookies, pizza, chips, etc., are fine if they fit your calories-in-calories-out amount. 

However, I eat salads and vegetables for breakfast/snacks, which allows me to eat more calorie-dense foods later.”


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“I eat more eggs and vegetables than most people. Also, I’ve noticed my portions are smaller, and I don’t eat as much food with added sugars.”


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“Calories in versus out is king, but eating clean feels better for performance. So, primarily eggs, meat, veggies, fruit, rice, and whey, there’s still room for ice cream, chocolate, and wings.


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“Guy here, I have oatmeal, fruit, hummus and pita, plain greek yogurt, nuts, and vegetables during an average day. When I go out, I eat in moderation.

The #1 tip I have for you is to refrain from drinking your calories. I only drink water, green tea, and occasionally a diet soda. Drinking soda or juice is the best way to kill fitness goals.”


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“Low-fat foods, lots of vegetables and salads. I mix some omelets and chicken to satisfy a meat craving. I eat lollipops to satisfy my sweet tooth and drink a ton of water.”


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“Genetically engineered water with optimal pH served in a bottle with a controlled water dispenser tank and hydronic lid closure. Also, salad.”


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“It’s expensive, but I do pre-cooked meals from Nutrition Solutions Lifestyle. I’m 6’3″, went from 208 lbs (pound) with a beer gut to 186 lbs, and dropped my body fat by 6% since starting this diet and doing a shredding exercise routine. 

I have a cheat day once a week where I eat anything I want and have a beer.”


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“The goal is to cut out the non-nutritional, sugary, sodium-filled snacks/etc. Leave soda and chocolate to the curb, but allow your self-controlled cheats once in a blue moon. But really, it’s a no-excuses kind of attitude you will need.

Stick with a well-rounded meal timing (try to eat four smaller meals instead of 2 large). I usually choose a shake/vegetables/nuts/etc. as my two in-between ‘snack’ meals. Keep your nutrition well-rounded, and you have made your body solid.

That is your 70-80% success regarding the lean body (your fuel). Now put it to work with a decent enough exercise plan, and you can feel better/look better.”


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“I eat a lot of things I consider to be good. I exercise every day. No excuses. The first thing that comes off the top of my head is hard-boiled eggs. Protein shakes. Occasionally whey. 

I avoid protein bars. Broccoli and carrots. I rarely eat spinach. Chicken breast with fat removed: water only, no soda or sugary drinks. Fruit juice is also a no-no. Oranges and apples, raspberry/blackberries sometimes.”


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“Drink only water and black coffee. No alcohol.”


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“Morning: Bread + cheese or eggs 

Afternoon: Rice + chicken or steak or pasta or boiled potatoes 

Dinner: Yogurt or milk. 

No snacks, sugary drinks, or coffee whatsoever. Fruits and tea all day long.”


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“I eat strictly. I have a hormone issue, and losing weight was hard, and keeping it off is hard, too. A typical day for me is 2-3 eggs in the morning (lately with either sautéed mushrooms or kimchee), coffee with cashew milk, and a mid-morning protein snack like plain greek yogurt with some stevia.

Lunch will be a salad with tuna and other vegetables; the afternoon is a snack of either protein (if doing cardio) or carbohydrates (if doing weights). 

Dinner is a protein like chicken, turkey, tofu, a burger with portobello caps, and a side like roasted broccoli, asparagus, spinach, etc.

I have a rule: pizza once a month, on average. Meaning, I get to eat pizza once a month, that’s it unless there’s an office party where someone brought pizza, and I don’t want to be the person who’s like, “Ewww, pizza, I’m on a diet.” 

You can skip pizza; you’ve had it a million times, and I’ll have it again, right? It won’t be the pizza to end all pizzas.

Low dairy. I’ll have yogurt, sometimes feta cheese, but no swiss, cheddar, or other cheeses (occasionally brie, because brie is a jerk); I do not drink milk. My hormone issues do not mesh well with lots of dairy, and I have found that I bloat easily with things like whey protein, milk, and such. So, while I’m not 100% no-dairy, I avoid it when possible. They make non-dairy cheese. It’s easy.

Most of my carbohydrates are from vegetables, but on weight training days, I eat carbohydrates: rice, beans, and fruits. Fruits like mangoes or bananas agree with me best. If it’s just a cardio day, I eat lower carbohydrates. 

Lots of nutritionists, dieticians, and trainers disagree with this practice, and I don’t care since the majority of people who argue this haven’t had to lose weight before.

My rule: I should be able to count on one hand how many alcoholic beverages I’ve had in the average month. Some months, I don’t even have one. Other months, I go to a beer festival. Average month? Maybe 2-3 alcoholic beverages. I have maintained this for over three years.”


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“High carbohydrates, low fat vegan (yes, I get all of my protein, Iron, B12, etc., no eating vegan isn’t hard at all; it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for my body).”


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“For one summer, I hired a personal trainer, chef, and nutritionist and got into the best shape of my life. 

My diet:

No starch: no bread, no pasta, no beans, no tortillas, no rice. You get the idea.

No sugar: no soda, no diet soda, stevia only as a sugar substitute, oil and vinegar as salad dressing only.

Reduced red meat: meat with four legs only twice a week but unlimited fish, chicken, tofu, and vegetables.

Reduced fat: no cheese, only one small handful of almonds a day.

Reduced alcohol: 4 drinks a week, limited to wine or vodka and club soda

Lots of water: goal of 2 gallons a day

It was a pain. I would have a fruit and vegetable smoothie with a scoop of protein powder for breakfast in the morning to find foods that worked. The guidelines made eating so painful that I didn’t notice being hungry that much.

I could eat all the bland vegetables I wanted until I was sick of them and didn’t want to eat anymore. Being constantly full of water and having to pee all the time was also distracting.”


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“Moderation. I favor proteins and vegetables, but carbohydrates occasionally, and a lot of water.

Weightlifting followed by a short but quick-paced 2-mile run Monday to Thursday (except Tuesday, which is leg day), boxing on Saturday, and the long run on Sunday.”

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