While most good movies are known for their interesting turn of events and oh-so-unexpected climaxes, some are simply remembered for the way they get us hooked in the first ten minutes. Like, you watch the opening scene and instantly know what’s gonna be the tone for the rest of the film and just can’t wait to see how the story unfolds. 

An internet user recently asked, What movie has the best opening scene? Here are the top 12 responses: 


Saving Private Ryan

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“It’s been a while, so I’m not sure if it is actually the opening scene or just very early in the movie, but the storming the beach scene in Saving Private Ryan is outstanding.” Said one. 

“It’s a horrible, horrible scene but in like, the best way possible. It’s hard to watch, it makes you understand the true hell of war. No glorification whatsoever. The first time I watched this movie, I couldn’t stop thinking about the beach scene the way through. Incredible scene 10/10” Another added. 


Raiders of the Lost Ark

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“It sets the tone for the film, it has more than one twist, and is just generally entertaining. It’s a little slow for the first two minutes but worth the watch.” Said one.  

“It’s an incredible way to introduce a character and establish them. In the opening scene, we learn what Indiana Jones does, but we also learn that expert though he is, he tends to scrape by and narrowly survive danger rather than being invincible. We learn he relies on a whip, we learn about his fear of snakes, etc. All with minimal dialogue or exposition.” Another added. 



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“Goodfellas. Brutally shooting and stabbing the guy in the trunk and then smashing cutting to the gangster monologue perfectly sets the tone of the film”, said one. 

“I like how Goodfellas can be used as the answer to nearly every “what movie has the best…” question.” Another added. 


Inglourious Basterds

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“Came here to say this. A spellbinding and terrifying 20-minute opening scene” Said one. 

“It’s really weird to say this but that whole dialogue about how the Jews are rats and the Nazis are hawks is just so incredibly well written.” Another replied. 


Super Troopers 

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“Super Troopers. I’ve seen the opening hundreds of times, and the rest of the movie maybe 5.” Said one. 

“Has my vote for the best opening for a comedy ever. I wish I could watch it for the first time again. I always laugh my ass off at it.” Another added. 


The Godfather

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“I will say this every time! That scene is absolutely iconic. And by the time that first 10 minutes is up you know exactly who Vito Corleone is and that he holds everybody by the balls.” Said one. 

“The opening dialogue with Bonasera was amazing theater. But the entire wedding scene opener was epic in so many ways. Introduced the wonderful elements of the culture, all the key characters, and the conflicts all woven in a beautiful tapestry. Masterpiece.” Another added. 


The Dark Knight 

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“That intro is fantastic and sounds even better with a good home theater system. Easily one of my favorite movies.” Said one. 

“Without a doubt, this scene set the tone for the movie in such an important way.  That performance got me excited about acting again and really played a role in my life development (which sounds super weird, but I’m not a masochist…I swear).  It was important to show me how to commit to something that you believed in.” Another added. 


The Lion King

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“Came here to say this. I was about 12 when the movie came out and I still remember the trailer  (just the Circle of Life scene) showing in the movie theaters and we were all like “WHAT?” Just so amazing, so unlike anything else I’d seen at the time. I waited like 20 years to see the touring live show and I thought “there’s no way this will be as good as it’s built up in my head” and instead I sobbed through the first scene like a little baby.” Said one. 

“I took my nieces to see Lion King in the theater. I was straight-up sobbing because of that scene. It was just outstanding. Still one of my favorite Disney movies.” Another added. 


Once Upon A Time In The West

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“My first time seeing this was in the theater around 5 years ago and it’s in my top 5 theater experiences of all time. My god, that opening. No one can do it like Leone.” Said one. 

“Saw that in college. Had some time to waste before class, so I flicked on the TV. Guess who skipped class that day?” Another added. 



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“Wall-E is a masterpiece from start to finish, but the world-building they do in the opening while establishing the character and overall tone is just incredible.” Said one. 

“It was once mentioned that the opening scene of Wall-E was all it took to secure the directors the Oscar for best-animated film, and I would believe that. One of the best openings to a film ever, absolutely the best opening to an animated film ever” Another added.  



LOS ANGELES, CA. December 3, 2016: Actor Matthew McConaughey & wife Camila Alves at the world premiere of "Sing" at the Microsoft Theatre LA Live.
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Starting at Earth, then panning out of the solar system, then the galaxy, then out to the edge of the universe, all while listening to older and older radio transmissions. Genius.” Said one. 

“Apparently, when the film was made, it was the longest continuous, computer-generated sequence ever used in the film at 3 minutes. I love it too”. Another added. 


Apocalypse Now

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“I’ve been a fan of the Doors ever since I first saw that opening scene…” Said one. 

“I had to scroll WAY too far to find this. The breakdown and narration show how capable Willard is to succumb to the heart of darkness, and is such a stark contrast to how he acts in the remainder of the film, at least until the end

Plus “The End” at the start of the movie is a little stroke of genius. The napalm drop is so much more intense with the subtle sound of Jim Morrison to score over it”. Another added. 

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