Cineastes and casual viewers alike possess that special film, a cinematic gem that can be savored time and again without losing its charm. Whether it’s a nostalgia-infused childhood favorite, a time-honored classic, or a contemporary masterpiece that resonates deeply, these cinematic companions never fail to entertain and delight.

A user asked the forum, “What is that movie you never get tired of watching?”. Here are some responses he got!


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“I did a rewatch of all four recently. I’ve seen the first one so many times I can practically quote every line. It’s probably my favorite movie ever.”


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“The jokes and music selection never seem to get old, though I watch it in the Spanish version (Latin America).”


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“Am I the only one who finds comfort in Harry Potter even though I’m grown?”


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“Just watched this last night! I’d forgotten how much I loved it. Based on my grandmother’s stories about my grandpa when he was younger, I always picture him as Chris.”


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“Each time I watch the trilogy, I enjoy it for different reasons. Sometimes, the characters, others the plot. Sometimes, I like seeing a younger version of the actors– this almost all-star cast thrown together almost two decades ago.

Then, there’s music. Can’t get enough of that—the fights, of course. Sometimes, I like the vibes, how things are when the characters are in some place, like the Shire, or when things get tense in a cave. I’ve often rewound (is that still a term? 😀 ) the video so I can listen to more Elvish.

A few times, I just like to see the bromance or character development. Whether Gimli x Legolas, Sam x Frodo, or Sam’s glow-up. But I think most of all; I enjoy watching it to remember all the other times I’ve watched it with someone I care about who may not be with me anymore.”


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“You know what? That movie was on TV when I was a kid—I hated it—never watched it once I got out of the house. Watched it in my 30’s and just loved it. Great movie.”


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“Shawshank Redemption, if it’s on TV, I’ve watched it over 100 times by now.”


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“I love the 24-hour marathon on Christmas Eve. I will watch it beginning to end at least 3x during those 24 hours.”


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“The Mummy. The original one with our lord and savior, Brendan.”


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“I’ve said “it’s all happening” at least once a month for the last 15 years.”


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“Each time I see it, I find something I missed.”


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“Forrest Gump, mainly because it’s the life I would have liked.”


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“Honestly, Titanic. I probably watch it 3x a year. I like it so much because it’s a tragic story, but I love Kate & Leo.”


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“Beauty and the Beast, cartoon version. Most amazing movie every time.”


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“So much good about this movie.”


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“Monty Python Holy Grail! I can watch it back to back. Some with Life of Brian.”

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