Human cruelty knows no bounds. A user asked the forum, “What’s the first act of human cruelty you have ever known or experienced?” Here are the top responses.


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“I don’t know if I could choose the worst I’ve ever known between all of the horrific atrocities around the world throughout history. But as far as the worst one I’ve experienced was as a nurse. 

In my first ever pediatric clinical, my first patient was a toddler who had a potty accident and was beaten so badly by a parent they had to have multiple surgeries to repair the damage done. 

I had to excuse myself to throw up and cry. It’s the reason I can’t work with kids; I couldn’t handle it.”


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“I studied nursing before becoming a funeral director, and one of my patients was a toddler who was beaten so badly by her mom’s boyfriend that she suffered brain damage. She also would hit herself when she became overstimulated. She had old, healed broken bones everywhere, too, so this had been going on for some time.”


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“My brother and I were locked in a room together quite a few times when we were little. It started when he was one and I was five years old. We were sometimes stuck there for one or two days, which was miserable. It was always dirty, and nearly everything was broken. 

I remember that I used to scream and cry at the door for hours, but no one would let us leave. The woman that gave birth to me would occasionally drug me to make me fall asleep faster.”


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“I had a 19 year old assault victim brought in by EMS (Emergency Medical Services). Her boyfriend had sat on her back and bitten her repeatedly on the upper back and shoulders. The bites had become progressively worse as he systematically went side to side and top to bottom. 

They started as superficial, gradually becoming harder and deeper until entire chunks were missing. Police stated they didn’t find the missing pieces on the scene and assumed they were swallowed. 

The victim stated the process lasted over an hour. She also stated she didn’t want to press charges and thought he had just gotten mad and made a mistake. Fifteen years later, I wonder if she left that relationship alive.”


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“Listening to my parents comfort my abuser as I cried, begging them to believe me. I was then listening as my father called me a liar on the way home.

Then, finding out two years later, my mother, who sat there and comforted the abuser, knew I was telling the truth the whole time.”


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“In my town, years ago, a woman had three children, and she drove her car into a pond and drowned them because she was seeing a wealthy man and he told her he didn’t like kids.”


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“When I was around 7, one of my family’s barn cats had a litter of kittens. They suddenly disappeared about a month after they were born. I asked my dad if he knew where they were, and he said no, maybe they ran away. A few days later, one of the kittens wandered up with half its face missing. 

My dad admitted he and his friend had gotten drunk, taken the kittens into the woods, and shot them. My mom had to have the kitten who survived put to sleep at the vet’s office that day. 

I cannot fathom how you could do something so cruel to an animal or to a little girl. It makes me sick that I share DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) with that person.”


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“I was told on my 11th birthday by my father, ‘I hate you, and I never wanna see you again.’ He was my idol. He knew that. If that isn’t cruelty, I don’t know what is.”


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“I am a pediatric nurse, so I have seen some heartbreaking things. Parents who starve their babies until they finally take them to the hospital. One little boy was 18 months old and weighed 12 pounds or so and was so neglected that we had to take turns on the ward holding him because he would cry so much when put down in his crib.” 


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“A boy whose dad was so messed up on meth he beat him to death in a hotel room. The hotel called the cops, and he was successfully resuscitated. Now he has brain damage and can’t walk or eat orally and has to be fed by g-tube. These are just a few examples.”


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“Heartbroken, I confided in a friend that I’d had a miscarriage, and she told me that maybe it was God’s way of teaching me humility. Not the cruelest thing to ever happen in the world, but one of the most offensive things someone has ever said to me personally.”


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“As of late, I worked at an emergency animal hospital, one of the biggest in my state. We had our hospital manager come up to us, and she said we have a special case, and as special, she meant the police were involved.

Well, there was a young kid, probably 12-13 years old. He was sending videos to his friends of him doing the unthinkable to his dog and filming it, torturing it. He was discovered by sending it to friends or classmates from an Xbox video.

I felt so bad for the animal. The parents had no idea; it was probably a shock and traumatizing for them, too. Sorry if someone reads this.”


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“I was at a troubled teen camp when I was 14. One of the times, I was dragged down the stairs, kicked and screamed at by staff, and thrown into a reinforced concrete cell with a camera on the ceiling and a swastika drawn on the back wall. 

Eventually, I gave up slamming the giant metal door with my shoulder, sat with my face in my knees, and cried. Eventually, I chose the ‘take pants off for smaller pillow but can pull shirt tail down for slightly more warmth’ instead of the ‘use your shirt as a larger pillow, but are cold’ option when I walked and tried to fold myself into a ball or warmth in the corner of the cell. 

You never know how long they leave you in there; you look at a clock when they let you out, most likely not having seen one as you were dragged there. When they let you out, everyone just acts like it was another typical day.”


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“I don’t want to talk about the worst incident I had growing up, but my mother slammed my fingertips in a door, one by one, repeatedly, until they turned black and the nails disconnected and fell off. 

It took forever for them to grow back, and some grew back with the white lines all wavy because of damage to the nail beds.”


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“My brother passed away recently; I invited my parents to come to stay with me for a change of scenery and help them grieve; once in my home, my dad told me I’m a worthless man, and there’s nothing I can do about it. It is small on the scale of cruel acts committed worldwide, but to me, it felt crushing.”


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“My grade 6 teacher hated me and would falsely paint me as being special needs to the class. I was regularly discriminated against, and the school gave him free rein to interpret my Tourette’s diagnosis however he wanted.

One time, I made a funny face during class photos. My teacher pulled me from class for the rest of the day and outed me to the entire class as being on the spectrum. He told them a lot of lies about how I was mentally unstable and incapable of controlling myself. 

It formed the basis of the nasty rumors that plagued me throughout high school. I don’t feel like I was ever supposed/allowed to succeed.”


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“I confided in a former boss that I had an anxiety disorder and that I was having issues with my medicines (big mistake). 

He weaponized that fact and used it against me over every little mistake I had made that week. Glad I don’t work there anymore.”

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