Everyone has the accessibility and rights to create their websites. Using this accessibility, people have developed the weirdest and scariest websites that make no sense. 

A user asked the forum, “What’s the scariest, weirdest, most mysterious website you ever visited?” Here are the top responses. 


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His Face All Red. I swear, I couldn’t sleep that night. I had a tree brushing my window, and it scared me all night.”


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Dionaea-House. A truly horrifying story, told through two guys’ mail conversation, about a house that contains unbelievable horror.”


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AngelFire. A very haunting story about a man’s experiences in an uncharted cave.”


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Haunted Painting – The well-known internet legend about the haunted painting.”


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Ted Is God. Just read it. He has a YouTube account as well. Don’t troll him; I think this guy needs some help or medication or something.”


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“This is the text of a 27-page book called the ‘Book of Immanuel David Isaiah,’ dated April 6, 2002. Authorities believe this is the work of Brian David Mitchell, suspected of kidnapping Elizabeth Smart in 2001. Complete raving nonsense.”


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“I’ve been into urban exploring for a while, and there are a lot of great, creepy urban exploring sites out there. If you want to look at all the pics, the largest database is the Urban Exploration Resource

They’ve got everything from abandoned nuclear silos in Ukraine to Saddam Hussein’s destroyed palace. Chances are you’ll find something in your city.”


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“Some unsolved murder cases have quite a following and sites devoted to them. The Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders or the Keddie Murders, to name a few.”


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“A few missing-person cases give me the chills, like the Grateful Doe story (read the About Me on the right side). The Taman Shud Case is another extraordinary crime mystery.”


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Magibon – I browsed it out of curiosity to see if she had her website. Liberal amounts of mess were had.”


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Rabbit Fantasy. A friend made the page when he was 12; he’s always been pretty strange, but this was probably the first time we realized how odd.”


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Hidden Hand – Someone calling himself ‘Hidden Hand,’ claiming to be an insider from The Illuminati, discusses the matter with members of the forum.”


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“In the same tone as the final meals of prisoners, here are final statements of prisoners before they are executed – TDCJ State Executed Offenders.”


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Outcast Earth ” will probably be buried under all the other comments, but this website is bizarre. It’s the blog of a group of people traveling worldwide trying to investigate paranormal stuff. I’m still determining where they get the money for this since it doesn’t seem like they have jobs.

Their site is updated regularly (like 10+ pages of material a month) despite indications that no one ever reads it (practically no followers on their years-old Twitter). Seems like a lot of effort to go through if it’s all a hoax.”


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“One of the creepiest sites I have been to was about a show called Candle Cove. It took a while to get that story out of my head.”

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