Movies are the best way to entertain people. We can never forget some movies because of how hilarious they were. A user asked the forum, “What is the most unintentionally hilarious ‘So Bad It’s Good’ movie you’ve ever seen?” 

Here are the top responses.


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“The Happening. Once you realize it’s a comedy, it’s hilarious.”


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“Road House. My wife won’t let me watch that movie when she’s at home because ‘It makes you so rowdy,’ and she can’t put up with my behavior.”


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“Howard the Duck. I love this movie. Everyone I know hates it.”


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“Snakes on a Plane. I finally just watched this this year. My son sat me down and made me watch it. Loved it!”


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“Willys Wonderland. Extremely intentional, blatantly self-aware. Also, just straight up a good movie.”


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“It has to be The Meg. I love sharks, and the whole thing was fun!”


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“I just finished watching Cocaine Bear ten minutes ago. It’s so bad it’s horrible.”


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“Samurai Cop. Although it’s so bad at some points, I’m unsure if it was unintentionally bad. It’s one of the movies that always makes me laugh, and the YouTube clips are a gold mine. You can find the entire movie on YouTube if you search for it!


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“The Wicker Man remake. Nick Cage and two women are in a bear outfit. You can’t make this stuff up.”


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“The Twilight Saga is so good, but for every reason, it shouldn’t be.”


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“The Ice Road. It’s like the reverse of Taken, and Liam is a big rig truck driver. Seriously, watch it. Production value is high, so it’s not painful to watch. But the plot and dialogue are hilarious. Plus, this isn’t one of those movies that knows it’s ridiculous and does silly things intentionally. The Ice Road takes itself very seriously.”


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“Manos the Hands of Fate. I almost wet my pants while watching the episode.”


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“Moonfall. Pretend it was meant to be a comedy for people who understand physics and the space program and enjoy the ride.”


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“ThanksKilling. It starts with a silly, provocative moment (hilarious when you realize that’s legit where the entire budget went getting an adult star), but after that, it’s just a gem. The premise is dumb, the dialogue is poorly executed, and the effects are garbage, 11/10.”


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“I just watched Jennifer’s Body last week, and it was horrible and so good. I loved it.”

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