Have you planned any trips for the coming year in advance? 

An internet user asked, “Any plans for 2024 already?”. Have a look at the top responses below!


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“Found a round trip ticket to Auckland from Dallas for $685. So I’m going to New Zealand in February.”


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“Portugal in April is already planned. But I want to do another trip in July and October.”


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“Deciding on Greece or Hawaii for my 40th birthday in late spring. Hawaii is expensive, but it’ll take longer to get to Greece. (Any advice is appreciated.)

Hawaii or Greece in September, depending on where I go for my birthday.”


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“Amsterdam in July, flights and Airbnb rooms booked. New Mexico in September, Airbnb booked, and we are driving.

I usually plan my trips at least a year in advance. Guarantees best rates and the most availability for lodging. Already planning on Ireland and Scotland for 2025, so probably will start booking late 2024.”


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“Booked Japan for late September already. Booking Curaçao for late February this month (my annual Caribbean getaway from the Canadian winter). Booking Mexico city in June, probably in January.”


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“Indianapolis in April. Why Indianapolis? For the total solar eclipse. Everyone should experience this at least once in their lifetime.

If you are booking now, it’s too late. Everything in the eclipse path is either sold out or outrageously expensive.”


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“Yeah, after the pandemic, the price increase for flights is significantly noticeable! I booked nine months in advance for Thailand and Vietnam in January!

Within Asia, flights have also increased prices than usual. But once in Asia, everything’s cheaper, my dollars have more excellent value, and I get to escape some of winter!”


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“I have a trip to London planned in June. I bought my tickets about a month ago when I saw a decent deal on Google flights. Usually, we have an idea of where we want to go a year out to keep an eye on prices! We are even talking about Tokyo for 2025, but obviously can’t lock in anything until well into next year.”


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“I booked a two-week trip to Singapore and Malaysia for September 2024. I booked a year in advance because I wanted to use Singapore Airlines (ranked no. 1 in the world + no layovers!), and they’re cheaper the further in advance you book.”


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“Romania in the spring. Mostly planned, but only flights booked at the moment.”


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“I was considering somewhere in Scandinavia for a few days in February. My mother hates the cold so it might be a solo trip. I live somewhere that has freezing winters anyway, so I’ll be prepared in that sense, but I never traveled in winter before, so I’m not sure about flight delays, etc.!” 


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“Thinking of going to Madagascar in May/June. I’m not sure if I want to backpack or rent a motorbike. Any recommendations?”


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“I’m going to Cambodia, Lord willing, in February. I’m taking two of my family members with me. It’s going to be a Cambodia / Singapore trip. Excited about it.” 


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“India so that I can trek the Himalayas and motorcycle road trip through the lush areas in the far east of India. Go to huge festivals like Diwali and Kumbh Mela. 

If anyone’s been there recently, can they tell me if I can cross the Wagah land border with a multi-entry year-long Indian visa? Seeing conflicted reports that it’s only allowed via air/sea ports.” 


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“China for April! Going to scout out a running race somewhere and mainly do Sichuan-Yunnan regions.” 

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