Dogs are the most preferred pets that people like to own. If you are planning to buy or adopt a dog as a pet, there are some breeds you should not possess. 

A user asked the forum, “What breed of dog breed you wouldn’t own and why?” Here are the top responses. 


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“Huskies are too high maintenance and loud for me, but they are super adorable.”


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“Shelties. They’re cute, but their drive to hear things drives me crazy. My Mother-In-Law(MIL) had two, and they would nip at my legs to try and get me to go where they wanted.

Once, I saw them trying to herd the chairs around the dining room table. They’re a little crazy if they aren’t given work.”


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“Akita’s because they are one-person dogs, and if you aren’t that person, you’ll get nothing from them but indifference.”


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“Pitbulls. I know plenty of people have them without issues, but I wouldn’t want to deal with a dog that’s so prone to anxiety, and the results of that anxiety/reactivity would be devastating.”


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“Belgian Malinois because I am way too lazy to keep up with the intensity they bring. I also can’t own a dog smarter than me.”


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“French bulldogs, or any dog breeds with breathing issues, end up living a sad life,” said one.

“French bulldogs. They’re predisposed to many health issues due to years of unethical breeding methods like spinal problems, breathing difficulties, etc,” another added.


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“Doodles. I worked at a doggy daycare. Every third dog that came through the door was a doodle. They were all jerks.”


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“Jack Russel’s and Min pins are way too high energy for my liking.”


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“Dachshund because chronic pain.”


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“Malinois. I’ve had dogs all my life, and I know enough that I wouldn’t be able to train one how they need to be trained. Don’t get me wrong, they are incredible dogs but should only be owned by experienced handlers.”


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“Pugs. Ugly inbred asthma attacks on legs. For the love of god, stop breeding them.”


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“Dogfish. Finding a collar that fits is impossible.”


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“Border collie. I have them and love them. They’re too smart for the average pet owner. They’re great, but not for the average pet owner. They require a lot of attention and stimulation.” 


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“Inbred little dogs raised by my deceased aunt who never trained them and has abandonment issues and congenital disabilities.”


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“Chihuahua. These things are just rats with big heads. Can’t stand them.”


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“Great Pyrenees, the slobber is so bad, you might as well post a wet floor danger sign in your house.”


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“Bichon Frise. I knew one; he tapped constantly and chewed up my retainer, and I was blamed for leaving it where he could get it when he shouldn’t have been where it was.”


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“Great Dane. They’re so cool, but the space requirements and food bills are crazy.

Also, chihuahua. Like owning a moody sewer rat that learned how to bark.”


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“Kelpies are way too hyperactive. Chill out, buddy.”


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“German Shepherd dog is a large, agile, muscular dog.”


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“Schipperkes. My roommate’s brother brought one when he moved in, which isn’t very good. They are deceptively cute looking, but they are terrible house dogs.”

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