We all love the luxury dishes we only have at high-class restaurants. But you know what? You can easily make them at home.

A user asked the forum, “Deceptively simple – What are your “luxury” recipes or foods that are surprisingly easy to make at home?” Here are the top responses. 


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“The miso black cod made famous at Nobu has to be the easiest high-end restaurant dish to replicate at home.

Mix white miso, sake, mirin (and sugar), oil, and soy sauce. Marinate black cod filets or chilean sea bass in this for 30 minutes to 2 days; it doesn’t matter. Broil them, skin side down, until the edges start to char/burn, 5 to 10 minutes. 

Check for any pin bones; they’ll pull right out. Serve. It takes 2 minutes of active work.”


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“Homemade focaccia. If you have a stand mixer, it is dead easy.”


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“No-knead bread. Active time is close to nothing, but the bread is phenomenal.”


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“Roasted garlic. It’s a set and forget recipe but you can do enormous batches at a time, and they all come out like butter-spreadable magic.

I’ve been going about it by removing the outer layer of skin from a whole bulb, rubbing it with olive oil and salt, and baking off low and slow at 275 Fahrenheit for about an hour and a half.

I do it in bulk, so a whole bake tray is 24 bulbs. They also freeze pretty well; you could expect five months’ worth of garlic going this way.”


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“Surprised I haven’t seen crème fraiche listed yet. It’s expensive to buy where I’m at but ridiculously easy to make. All it takes is a pint of heavy cream and a tablespoon-ish of buttermilk. 

Mix them in a jar, cover with a towel or cheesecloth, and leave it at room temp for a day or two until thick and tangy.”


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“For me, it’s probably my Ossobuco with gremolata. Less than 30 minutes of active prepping time, then 4 hours on a low simmer and considered very delicious and ‘something I’d never make at home’ by everyone I’ve served it to.”


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“My family always told me Chicken Pot Pie was super difficult to make, and we only had it a couple of times a year, So when I found out that it only takes 2 hours, most of that is just letting it simmer. Well, I’ve made it weekly since then.


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“Good rustic bread. Forkish style is likely the best value of time investment to result, but any King Arthur recipe as well. Good fresh bread is something almost anyone can enjoy.

Proper seasoning, mainly adding some acid to balance dishes, has changed the overall quality of my cooking. Pickled red onions or cabbage are easy to garnish and add acid.”


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“Homemade ricotta (or ‘farm cheese,’ but used in place of ricotta). It’s the simplest thing in the world; it tastes much better than store-bought, and people lose their minds when you tell them you made fresh cheese. 

I use it in lasagna and stuffed shells and use any extra as an appetizer with some fresh herbs, served with crackers.”


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“Dutch babies for breakfast/brunch. They look beautiful and are just as easy as pancakes.”


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“Parmesan crisp. Grate some parmesan or other hard cheese into a frying pan and melt it until it goes hard. It takes 60 seconds, but if you make a decent disc shape out of it and place it on its side at the top of a dish, you are Gordon Ramsey.”


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“Nobody said crepés? They’re generally perceived as fancy yet are crazy easy and fast to make. 

Savory crepes filled with some sautéed mushrooms and spinach and whatever melty cheese (optional; cheese and I am not on speaking terms) or dessert with just sugar and lemon or butter and cinnamon sugar.”


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“Chirashi bowl. We luckily have a Japanese supermarket nearby, so I get 4-5 different cuts of Sashimi, Ikura, maybe Uni, some Shiso, and make rice.”


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“Saltimbocca is one. It seems fancy, but it’s as easy as spaghetti and meatballs. Chicken paillards (fancy word for cutlets), topped with prosciutto, sage, and fontina, with a white wine and shallot sauce, served over pasta (angel hair). 

The look and aroma are both phenomenal, and it tastes so good you want to lick the plate.”


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“Satay chicken. Just some curry paste, lemongrass paste, sweet soy sauce, tamarind, blended peanuts, and coconut milk for the sauce and simple pre-baked & then grilled chicken skewers marinated in turmeric. Coriander powder and lemongrass paste. 

It was simple and never failed to amaze everyone I served this to. Can look up my recipe with proportions if anyone wants to.”

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