There are some good movies that we can’t get over. Do you have any favorites?

A user asked the forum, “What movie do you wish would get a sequel?”. Here are the typical responses.


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“Chronicle. It was so set up for a sequel. I’m sad, it never happened.”


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“Constantine!! I rewatched that recently. He is such a fantastic character, “I’m John Constantine, jerk.” They also did a great job with the direction of that movie and their portrayal of Satan.”


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“The Adventures of Tintin. It is so underrated!”


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“Step brothers. They could go in so many directions with a sequel.”


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“Enemy Mine. Star Trek did an excellent sequel to this. Shaka, when the walls fell.”


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“Rise of the Guardians. Such a good movie! Makes me cry from nostalgia!”


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“District 9. I thought it would have happened by now.”


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“Bolt. It is so cute, underrated, and wholesome and deserves a sequel and maybe a TV show spinoff.”


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“A sequel to Edge of Tomorrow would go about as well as the sequel to Independence Day did. The aliens are defeated. It’s over.”


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“Unbreakable. I know it’s a trilogy (split and glass), but I’d love to see more of Bruce Willis’s Unbreakable story.”


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“I would love to know how Andy and Ellis are doing, and I would love to see a sequel to Shawshank Redemption.”


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“Howard The Duck. I want to see the human/duck baby.”


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“Freddy vs Jason. I know it’s dumb and cheesy, but I love that.”


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“Wild Hogs, but that would’ve been more fun when Sons of Anarchy was at its peak. Just loads of people geeking out over fake Motorcycle Clubs and such. All the cast(club) members have to come up as Peter Fonda did towards the end and tell them all to chill. But, of course, John C. McGinley is still in character.”


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“Arrival! It’s a very interesting Science Fiction (Sci-Fi) movie that feels much more realistic (in bounds) in humanity’s approach to the arrival of aliens than many others out there. At the movie’s end, the aliens grant the main character the ability to experience time the way they do because they will need humanity’s help in the far future. 

I’d love to see what they were facing and why they require humanity’s help to address it! Although, from what I gathered, the movie is based on a short story, which I am unsure whether it has a sequel. Either way, I would always love to see it!”

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