Despite the widespread lament about job scarcity, there exists a plethora of unfilled positions and unmet demands that often go unnoticed.

A user asked the forum, “Where aren’t people looking? What are the “hidden” fields/jobs that pay decently but aren’t over-saturated?”. Here are the top responses.


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“SF Superior Court is hiring court stenographers at 115k per year (with transcripts could make 150k to 200k). 30k sign-on bonus. No college education, BUT have to go to court reporting school and pass a state board.

There is a shortage of court stenographers right now. Freelance court reporters in California make 100k easily.”


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“UX Research. While UX design is very saturated, no one wants to do research. My company desperately needs researchers, and the pay is six figures.”


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“I do electrical, instrumentation, and analytical work. Never had an issue finding work & I’ve always made over 100k since I started.”


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“Municipal Utility jobs. Anything like Water, Wastewater, City Jobs. Usually, the government pays decently.”


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“High-rise window washing. I did it a while back, and while I, a newcomer, didn’t make a ton of money, everyone else who was experienced made over $30/hour, while most made over $40/hour.

I have an interview coming up for a body removal technician for a funeral home. I would imagine that the field is arid.

Trust me—I used to have dreams. Now I just look to pay the bills however I can, it seems.”


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“There is a mental health professional shortage, but that’s not only difficult to get into but also requires years of study. After that, you actually have to apply what you’ve learned.

From my experience with student therapists, it’s an even smaller margin that may thrive long-term. Throwing that out there in case you feel like you’re the type who may succeed. Please do intense research first.”


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“Accounting and finance are pretty good right now, especially at the staff and senior level.

5 YOE in a corporate environment, and you’re breaking into the six figures.

If you’re a competitive candidate, you can score a 100% remote gig.

Plus, the skillsets you develop (proficiency in Excel, data analysis, cross-departmental collaboration, ERP system usage) lend themselves to branching out to other arenas like procurement and project management.”


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“Every position in radiation therapy pays absurdly well for the skill level due to huge demand. and cancer isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.”


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“Transit agencies/city bus services. They hire with no experience and free training. Some hire felons. Easy job with decent pay. Full benefits and 401.”


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“Occupational safety and health. Easiest money.”


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“I work in research administration at a university (i.e. supporting grant proposals and managing grants), and it’s got great job security – universities, research centers, medical centers, etc. all need staff administrative support; it’s a learnable field for any background (though most jobs are typically looking for a bachelor’s degree).

Most people fall into these jobs by fate and stay because of opportunity and growth in the field. Decent pay – nothing crazy, but maybe an entry-level salary of $45k – $60k and an average salary of $60k – $75k (depending on where you live), but also can range upwards of $100k once you have experience and/or management level.

Edit: Edited to nuance the average pay (from saying an average of $75k as it can vary widely based on geographic location and entry-level, etc.).”


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“Barbering. It’s 1500 hours of school, but it’s low stress to pay ratio, and you’ll always have a job if you are reliable and show up to work.”


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“Cybersecurity. Something like 30% of all cybersec jobs are unfilled, and it’s expected to be 60% unfilled in about ten years.

Need more qualified people.”


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“Medical billing, records, and back-of-house staff are needed. I got into durable medical equipment before the pandemic and have bounced around the country doing medical records.

There is no customer interaction, pay is decent, and the work itself is really easy because it’s just matching up what happens in the office with a few codes.”


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“The Car Wash industry is booming, highly profitable, and severely underrated. They are paying out big for management, maintenance, marketing, IT, and more.”

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