There are sensations that, despite not being painful, are extremely unpleasant or uncomfortable.

A user asked the forum, “What’s the weirdest, most unusual punishment that you (or someone you know) has ever received?”. Let’s look at the top responses.


7. angry confused woman
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“My dad made me swallow gas and diesel to learn the difference between them.”


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“When I was rude to my brother, my mom would make me go into his room and stick my head in his ferret’s cage (without the ferret inside) and smell it for 2 minutes.”


3. scared and frightened woman
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“Too many to count. My dad would punish me when I was a little kid (less than five years old) for farting out loud in an accident. He would make me stand in a corner facing the wall and yell at me, make me feel bad, and I would just cry. He’s such a jerk.”


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“When my parents caught me smoking when I was 12, my dad made me write a research paper about wombats.”


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“My 6th-grade teacher(f) punished students by making them take off their school uniform (with only undergarments remaining) if someone was unable to pass the unit test; she used to line the failing students in front of the class while our rest of the passing students witnessed them being punished, we used to think that punishment was so funny but now that I look back what the actual was wrong with my teacher.”


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“Mom talking to church friends about how any sort of entertainment is “bad” and the child should only focus on school.

Mom took the idea and removed anything of entertainment from her room and locked it. TV, radio, magazines, and books.

Aside from my schoolwork, I also had to do Korean lessons from the church.”


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“Kneeling on rice in the corner was a popular one in my family. I tried getting an answer on how that got started, but it’s multi-generational, so no one knows.”


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“I was given hot sauce as a punishment as a kid. It “worked” – as if the behavior stopped – but at the cost of me being unable to enjoy spicy foods for the rest of my life.

My mom regrets this decision, but oh well.”


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“My punishment was “I had to stay inside. I could watch TV and play games, but I couldn’t go outside.”

“For context, I lived in the middle of a forest, so that meant I couldn’t go outside and explore. I really liked exploring.”


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“When I was 10, I was out until 9 pm at a friend’s apartment when my mom asked me to walk home at 8 pm. It was summer, so there was no school; I lost track of time because I was having fun any other time. I was hyper-vigilant and couldn’t rest or relax at home.

She came over, dragged me a mile to our apartment by my ear, made me remove all my clothes, and beat me with a belt. Lasted like ten minutes. Had marks all over my back, legs, and arms; I was bruised like hell because I was 75 lbs and had no meat on me. It’s the weirdest punishment ever.”


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“I slammed my door as a kid once. Dad made me open and closed it silently 100 times. Every time it made a noise, I had to start over. Four hours later, I finally got 100 of them. I’ve never slammed another door in ~25 years.”


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“Well… I find it strange as a child, I would take a long time to eat. Especially meat. I would chew for so long in fear of choking, maybe? Well, as a punishment, when my two family members were done eating, they would turn off the lights and make me finish my meal alone in the dark, not being allowed to leave the table until I ate it all.”


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“Locked in my room, disallowed to even leave to get a drink or food between 9 pm and 7 am. Given I was locked in my room “without locks” as a child by an abusive stepfather, having it happen at 37, well, I chose homelessness, being there in the first place to avoid being on the streets. Yay, my mother sure had a type.”


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“Kinda silly, but I was banned from sitting on the new armchair because I kept moving it too much.”


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“There were kids across the street from me when I was growing up that used to get punished with “pages.” Basically, anytime their drunk parents were mad, they’d be like, “That’s 50 PAGES!” And the kids would have to sit there and hand write pages out of an encyclopedia word for word.”


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“One Time, when I was in detention, instead of doing lines like usual, my teacher made me draw 1000 smiley faces. It was all structured out to make sure I actually drew 1,000 of them. Luckily, he made me stop after about 750 because I think it was getting a bit too long even for him. I still remember how much pain my hand was in after that.”


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“I went to a private international school in South Africa, and we had this Korean student in my class. When his marks weren’t deemed to be good enough, his guardians made him sleep on the roof as punishment. We were like ten, and he told me about this as though it were the same as getting a time-out. His parents fully supported it, too.”

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