Desserts come in a delightful array, yet certain varieties fail to tickle our taste buds. Have you encountered any desserts that you utterly despise?

A user asked the forum, “Which dessert can you pass up on easily?”. Here are the top responses.


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“Funny, my wife has always loved tiramisu, and when we were dating, she saw it on the menu and got so excited. It was one of our first dates and ever since then I have begrudgingly pretended like I’m so excited that they have tiramisu on the menu.

After 20 years of marriage, I finally confessed that I really hated tiramisu. She was shocked. Oh, nothings changed, we still order tiramisu every time. She just knows I hate it now.”


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“Anything with fondant. Gross. I guess I don’t really like any frosting except for cream cheese frosting.”


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“Pretty much any of the “no-bake cheesecake” variety of desserts. They all just taste vaguely fruity and too sweet, on an oily cream layer, on a graham layer. The graham may or may not be stale/rancid.”


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“Anything with that gross fake “white chocolate” coating.”


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“Circus Peanuts the orange candy or Peeps.”


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“Anything with a bunch of nuts in it. Like, why do you have to ruin a perfectly delicious brownie by adding nuts on top?”


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“Red velvet cake. I don’t know why but it’s usually dry.”


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“Tapioca pudding (Fish egg pudding).”


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“Anything with mint. Mint belongs in mouthwash.”


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“Anything with peaches in it. Peach cobbler… bleh.”


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“Panna cotta – low effort dessert that doesn’t even taste good, just sounds fancy.”


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“Strawberry pretzel salad. Salty pretzels in sweet, wet gelatin is abhorrent.”


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Hurts my teeth just thinking about it.”


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“Chocolate eclairs – can’t stand the texture and they don’t even taste good.

Vegan desserts made with dates – never tasted a good one.”


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My mouth loves ’em, but my body sure doesn’t. I get quite ill rather fast. Apparently I don’t have diabetes, but one donut sure makes me think I do.”

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