People fall for fancy things without realizing that they are not worth it. 

A user asked the forum, “What is a fad you never understood?” Here are the top responses. 


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“Posting your entire life on social media. Everything you do, what you eat, where you go, who you meet, any random thought that appears in your head, etc.”


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“Suburbanites buying luxury pickup trucks.”


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“Super long fake nails.”


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“Ear gages. Maybe it’s because they weren’t allowed when I was in service, but seeing folk who had them back in the day with these long holes now relieves me that I didn’t take the plunge.”


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A user said, “Mullet haircuts. I cannot understand how they have been allowed to come back in recent times.”

Another added, “Mullets. I will never believe they were actually in. Nobody in the history of ever has thought they looked good. At best, a beautiful person with the right hair type can pull off a slight mullet.”


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“Those false eyelashes that look like spiders attacking.”


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“Cryptocurrencies and NFTs (Non-Fungible Token). People who don’t understand the difference between a currency and an asset. Utter pile of stupid from the beginning.”


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“Fidget spinners, why were they so popular for that one week in 2017, and whatever happened to them?”


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“Eating tide pods, what is that an actual thing people did on YouTube? Was it like actually chewing and swallowing them?”


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“Overpriced pants that are already ripped or just wearing tattered pants. Once my jeans are that far gone, they are house and housework pants. Other than that, there is not much wrong with them.”


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“Leather pants always seemed like more effort than it’s worth.”


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“Velour tracksuits. That awful fad is coming back. I hope they don’t return the chocolate brown because people look like furry fecal matter.”


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“Reaction videos, huge subscribers, zero content, just an ignorant, stupid person doing nothing.”


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“Reality Television. The term is an oxymoron. Many times, unacceptable behavior is displayed, and many audience members perceive this behavior as acceptable because it is on Television. 

It is contributing to a downturn in society as a whole. Bad behavior in public, tattoos, and piercings, to name a few, are popularized. 

The sad thing is that it won’t go away anytime soon. For the networks, it is dirt cheap to produce. The shows write themselves as long as there is controversy and suggestive behavior. 

Then, the networks edit it in such a way as to make it even worse. The audience, being the lowest common denominator in society, is quite large and will keep the ratings high. It’s a giant dumpster fire with a huge audience lacking imagination.”


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“Lip fillers. What’s up with that? It looks very unnatural. Of course, people can do what they want; they’re only affecting themselves, but I’m confident this fad will not last.


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“Filming strangers. People’s lives have been ruined over what some see as just a silly TikTok video. Also, street interviews. The interviewer is always condescending, and the random stranger always seems uncomfortable.”


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“UGG boots (2009-10). They are suitable for wearing at home but for outside? No.”


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“Wearing hefty make-up. I mean, look. It’s your face and money, so I’m not trying to be hypercritical; I just don’t get it. I (42) was taught to apply makeup in a way that accentuates my features, minimizes my flaws, and generally looks pretty natural. 

My little sister (31) and her friends did the cake-face thing, and almost all of my female colleagues when I worked in Dallas. Babygirl, I should not be able to see your contouring from 50 feet away. The task of blank-canvasing your entire face with heavy foundation so that you can recreate all the natural hues you covered up? Why?

I remember hanging out before my sister’s wedding while all the girls were getting their makeup done (I did not because $); one of them mentioned that it typically takes them about 2 hours to get ready to leave the house. I don’t understand!”


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“Influencer. Did everyone just begin to ‘appreciate’ selling out? It doesn’t get more obvious than selling products for companies. Jesus, this generation is weird!”


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“Grillz. Even at a basic level, they must be far more uncomfortable than the attempted statement. No thanks, but I would be curious to understand the hype.


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“Cauliflower! I want to eat low carbohydrates, but I would rather have a small slice of real bread than cauliflower ‘bread,’ but that is just me.”

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