Some people try to appear affluent, even though their financial reality is far from it. A user asked the forum, “What’s a dead giveaway that someone is not as wealthy as they claim?” Here are the top responses.


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“When they constantly talk about how wealthy they are. A genius doesn’t need to tell you they are brilliant. An athlete doesn’t need to tell you they are fit. Likewise, a rich person shouldn’t need to tell you they are wealthy.”


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“I believe the rich prioritize vacations/travel, buying their kid’s cars, and paying for their kids/grandkids’ tuition. They don’t spend money on flashy or luxury stuff as much.”


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“Ever notice how those jet-setting influencers that post their pictures out of the airplane window are behind the wing? They’re in coach. The picture in the business is where they stopped to pose on the way through.”


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“A private jet pilot friend of mine said for the slightly wealthy; they bring loads of luggage. The ultra-rich bring a day bag. They have enough money to buy clothes when they get there or already have clothes waiting for them.”


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“Designer clothes with massive brand name/icons are tailored to those who want to seem as if they can afford it and pay ridiculous amounts of money.”


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“Having been around some super wealthy people, a giveaway of a false-rich person would be knowing the price of things. If someone keeps telling you that the X they got cost $ and Y cost $, they are trying to flex on you.

Wealthy people don’t know the price of things, or at least the price of items that we, the poor, know. They might see the cost of their yacht/jet/helicopter. They don’t know the price of the car they drive, the clothes, or the technology they use. They pay or have their people pay for them.”


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“They make a goofy advertisement for some book or course that ‘will help you get rich too!’

If they were rich, they would be on some tropical beach engaging in whatever vices they enjoy most, hocking some get-rich-quick scheme.”


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“How much they work. Work with a teacher who drives a costly car, dresses nice, and complains about working two jobs. Do you know why they work two jobs? Because they can’t afford what they bought and are in debt.”


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“Teeth, shoes, and an expensive car sitting outside a mediocre house.”


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“According to The Waltons, it’s their shoes.”


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“They invite you somewhere but split the bill between everybody. When my true wealthy friends invite me somewhere, they will pay for everything because they know I can’t afford it, and they don’t make it awkward at all.”


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“Wearing fake watches. Wealthy people often have luxury watches because they value the craft of watches, or they give them to themselves as a medal for achievements. Fake watches are for people that want to look rich but are not rich.”


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“They have a lot of gaudy gold furnishings.”


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“They are found liable in multiple fraud cases every few years.”


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“Wealthy people know each other. If a known/true wealthy person can’t find a common acquaintance or friend within a few degrees, and this is global, the person isn’t as wealthy as they claim. 

Because wealthy people really do all know each other. It is a small society. We all go to the same schools. We all marry each other. We all do business together. We all live in the same places. We all vacation in the same places and hire each other’s kids. We all buy each other’s houses. 

If no other wealthy person knows you or knows of you, you’re not as wealthy as you claim.”

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