Not only do hacks make life easier, but certain ones can also significantly improve lifestyle and health. A user took it to the forum, and asked “What life hack changed your life?”, and here are the top responses.


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“Kindness. Seriously, it’s my most useful hack in life. Just be really nice & understanding with everyone you come in contact with. But especially to others who usually deal with mean or annoyed people. I pay $30 for business internet speeds, all because I was kind. Upgraded flights, free drinks, hotel buffets, various fees waived, etc. It pays to be kind & feels good too.”


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“Changing the way I think. Instead of worrying all the time or being negative, I’m just going to enjoy the moment and if things aren’t going as planned, think about what can go right from all this not whats going wrong.

I highly recommend getting into Stoicism if your mental health isn’t great. It’s not going to fix all your problems but it could make your life a little better.”


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“If you’re trying to lose weight, eliminate alcohol from your diet.”, said one user.

“Alcohol-free 89 days. Kicked my working out into overdrive. Also, better sleep. Much better sleep.”, said another user.


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“When I was 16, I made the life-changing discovery that if I sleep 8+ hours before school, it will be less miserable. Been doing it ever since!”, said one user.

“I get my 8 hours when I travel for work and it’s magical, then I come back home to the kids and it’s back to 3 cups of coffee in the morning.”, said another user.


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“Caring less leads to less stress, generally makes you better at what you’re doing. Also, caring less tends to help set boundaries. You’ll say yes to less nonsense when you don’t care.”, said one user.


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“Automate everything you can. Bill pay, calendar reminders for taking the garbage out, schedule the dentist a year out, etc. Not having to spend mental energy remembering to do stuff makes life WAY better.”, said one user.


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“I think sometimes we can hold tension in our muscles without knowing, like when we are anxious, but stretching before bed is like relaxing all the muscles and letting go of any tension if there is any.”, said one user.

“Stretching before sleep helps me relax my whole body, I also visualize removing all the stress and worries of that day, it Helps me ease down and rest”, said another user. 


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“This is super basic, but preparing my kids’ lunches and outfits in the evenings for the next day has massively reduced my morning stress level”, said one user. 


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“Exercise is an excellent depression treatment. Numerous studies have shown this and it’s been shown to be just as effective at treating mild to moderate depression as medication is but without any side effects. People are not made to sit in front of screens all day. Just get out and walk for 30-45 mins a day and it’s super helpful. If you do weight training on top of that, it’s a bonus.”, said one user.


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“Not something grand, but carving out a couple hours on the weekend to clean out my car and place. Cleaning it all. Really made me feel better about myself.”, said one user.


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“Express gratitude instead of remorse, whenever possible. People enjoy gratitude and generally don’t know what to do with remorse (and kind of feel like they’re now responsible for making you feel better). I.e. don’t say “Sorry I’m late”, say “Thanks for your patience”, don’t say “sorry for bothering you”, say “thanks for your time””, said one user.


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“Showering before bed instead of in the morning is a game changer. Took me over 30 years to start doing this. I sleep better and longer without having to get up and shower.”, said one user. 

“And getting into bed clean is delightful”, another user added.


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“It has saved me so much time and elevated the food quality I cook. Most of our meals are homemade, and we eat lots of veg in a mostly plant-based diet.

We used to decide what was for dinner in the morning and shop for ingredients on the way home in the evening (with thousands of others). I create menus and a grocery list by Friday evening and shop early Saturday before the crowds.

Over the weekend, I’ll take an hour here and there to prep, and during the week, I can keep the active cooking time to ~ 30 minutes. And we also make enough to have leftovers for lunch.”, said one user. 

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