A user asked the forum, “What is a city that is cool to visit but not to live in?”


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“Honolulu. Lived close to it for 12 years. Terribly expensive.”



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“New Orleans. Great food and fun for 4-5 days, but the heat, the flooding, and the crime would not be fun long-term.



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“Nashville. Lived there for three years and grew to hate it. My office was right by Broadway, bachelorette central.

There’s no rage like getting stuck behind a pedal tavern full of screaming women going two mph when you’re just trying to get home from a long day of work.”



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“I would say San Francisco or Austin, but only because of the cost now.

Both are great to live in if you already own a house there, but good luck affording one now.”



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“Miami. Cool to visit but live? Not at all. Expensive, and wages are bad.”



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“It’s gotta be Salt Lake City. Amazing nature and outdoor activities and definitely some cool to see in a limited amount of time aside from its natural beauty. It was enough to suck us into moving out there.

Come to find out, the air quality is very poor; the state is on highly borrowed time with water, there’s a potentially nasty earthquake around the corner, infrastructure is lacking, drivers are rash, and food culture/nightlife is decent, but never going to compare to the big boys.”



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“NYC is a really sweet city, but a city as busy as NYC is totally not a place I can find myself living in.”



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“Memphis, I’d like to visit Graceland. Go to a few of the museums there.

But I’d hate living there. I’m more northern, so the heat would kill me.

Plus, Memphis has been pretty dangerous recently.” 



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“Barrow, AK. The most northern American city.

The Arctic Summer is beautiful, and the constant daylight is surreal.

But the Winters are brutal, and things are very expensive.”



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“I loved Washington D.C. when I visited, definitely wouldn’t wanna live there, though. Traffic is way too crazy.”



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“Virginia Beach. Expensive, and honestly, we don’t need any more people here, considering most of the people moving here are conservative military folk. There are so many churches in a four-mile radius it’ll make your head spin.

Williamsburg is another one too. Busch Gardens is really cool, but it is twice more expensive than even my city.

Actually, I say any place in Hampton roads is pretty expensive but not as pricey as these two cities.”



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“Las Vegas

Grew up there and spent a lot of my adult life there too. I can’t fathom moving back.

Moved to northern NV a few years back. Today I was angry because my house is warmer than outside.

So it goes, I can go sit outside and not run my AC. Can’t say that in Vegas this time of year or practically ever.”



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“I’m shocked no one has said Anaheim yet. Not a huge city (#55 in the US in terms of population), but it punches above its weight class in terms of tourism.

2 major league sports teams, Disneyland, great restaurants, and a major convention center, and that’s just within city limits. Several choices of airports, LA, and beaches nearby.

But living in Anaheim? It’s not a very nice place to live (not counting Anaheim Hills, which is technically still the City of Anaheim). Some really rough neighborhoods. Living NEAR Anaheim can be nice, though.”


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