People who don’t have kids and have assets will have no one to inherit their property. In such a case, figuring out whom to inherit it will be hard. 

A user asked the forum, “People who don’t want kids, who will you leave all your money/assets to after you die?” Here are the common responses. 


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“The closest thing I have to siblings is my cousin, so I’d leave it to them/their kids. I want to be the random inheritance from an uncle halfway across the country.”


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“37F, unmarried, no kids, no siblings, and therefore no nieces or nephews. My best friend is a selfless woman who has taken in her three-year-old nephews at 31 and gave up her life. If it’s an unexpected death, it’s all left to her so she can have the life she deserves.

If I end up with something terminal where I have noticed, a giant party/trip for all my closest friends and me to a ridiculous location where I blow most of it on fun activities.”


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“My siblings. Hopefully, it will make their lives easier. I’m the oldest and probably the most unhealthy, so I doubt I will outlast them, but if I did, I’d want my money to go to someone less fortunate.”


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“I’m going to create a trust that pays many people who hate each other to reunite each year for skills completion like musical instruments they don’t know, foreign languages, wilderness survival, boxing, etc. They get a 1-year notice of what skill will be tested and then are told a week before where to meet.”


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“My son is never having children. He intends on spending every last penny on himself, and if there’s anything leftover, he will leave it to animal non-profits.”


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“An expensive destination funeral”


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“We are all dying out here, and currently, it’s up to the richest 1% to determine what gets funded worldwide. If more childfree people made that choice, it could make a real difference in the philanthropic landscape.”


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“I’m going to spend it on myself and my wife. Anything remaining will go to some dog-related charities.”


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“It depends on who is important to us. At the moment, it’s my husband. But if we both go, it’s my parents and best friend. We will likely outlive them, so our nieces and nephews are next in line. We decided to base it on who tries to stay in contact with us. If no one does, it will all go to charitable organizations. Maybe friends. We don’t owe anyone just because they are family; no one makes an effort.


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“My family, and if not them, then I’m hoping to become a grandma figure to someone and pass it down to them. Or a friend? I don’t think I’ll care what happens with it because, well, you know.”


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“I plan on having some money donated to a few heritage railways. Specifically the Talyllyn Railway, Ffestiniog Railway, and The Bluebell Railway. The rest will go to various family members.”


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“Our dream is to fund education for small town/disenfranchised kids who get called stupid (without being taught anything) or sent to attention every day for being brown.”


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“We have already arranged for anything left after we’re gone to go to Planned Parenthood.

For all the women’s health assistance they give to women of very modest financial means, we judged that Planned Parenthood provides the most ‘bang for the buck’ (Pun intended).”


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“Animal rescue organizations!”


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“Whatever is left will go to an amazing young woman who was dealt by a bad hand from birth but has preserved and succeeded against the odds. She’ll not get an inheritance from her family and deserves her own home.”


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“Maybe donate to a scholarship fund as well. Domestic violence shelters would also be a good place to donate.”


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“Poor people/ relatives. Not to charities; only 10% will go to the needy.”

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