Everyone makes mistakes at times. But what if someone’s “mistake” would’ve cost you your child’s life?

A netizen recently asked, “Am I a jerk for wanting to let my mom watch our son after accidentally leaving him in a hot car?”. We need to hear your thoughts!


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The Original Poster’s (OP’s) mom (47F) has always babysat their kids while they work. OP’s children, a 7-month-old boy and a 4-year-old girl, absolutely adore her, and she’s fantastic with them. 


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OP (26F) and her husband (34M) work full-time jobs, and their daughter is in preschool, so OP’s mom only watches their seven-month-old son right now. 

“She frequently runs errands and is out and about, and doing things for her sort of work-from-home job,” says OP. 


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Tonight, OP’s mom had to run to the next town over to handle something for work. It was a warm 87-degree day. She ran into the building for 20 minutes, and when she returned, she was mortified to realize that she had left OP’s sleeping son in the car. He was doing okay and still fast asleep. He never fussed, and he was happy when he got home.


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OP’s mom was in tears when she dropped him off because she knows how horrifically she messed up. 


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She (OP) told her husband when he got home, and he rechecked the baby himself. OP’s husband was furious and threatened to call the police, saying she should never watch their kids again because she was negligent.

“I was able to talk him down some, and he still said she should never leave the house with our son again,” says OP.


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She (OP) told him she knew it could have been the worst thing in the world, but they got lucky, and he’s okay. 

“It’s a mistake either of us could have made, and I think he’s overreacting,” says OP. 


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Now OP’s husband is furious with OP because he thinks she’s under-reacting and doesn’t care about their baby’s well-being.

“He says we have to do something about it. So am I a jerk for being okay with my mom still watching our son?” asks OP. 


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“This was a simple, careless mistake. One simple and careless mistake that could have very quickly led to your child cooking to death, your mother in prison for decades, the likely ending of your marriage, the apparent trauma inflicted upon all involved, the list goes on for days. 

I’m unsure of the remedy, but something is aggressively amiss here. Tread very carefully as you navigate this.”


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“Nobody is the jerk here. This extremely distressing close call undoubtedly left all parties in a terrible mental panic. You and your partner should take some time to breathe and count your blessings. 

Then talk with your mother, who is still a human being who almost accidentally caused the death of her most important person on the planet. She, too, must feel terrible. If I had nearly done what she did, I would go mad regardless of ‘punishment’; the guilt alone would destroy me.” 


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“Your baby could have died. I understand this is your mom, but nothing is okay or acceptable about what she did. If my mom did something like that, I would eventually forgive her, but she would never watch my children again. You’re the jerk for not being more concerned.”


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“Seems you’re underreacting, and he’s overreacting. Not the jerk, but please get one of the alarms so this doesn’t happen again.”


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“Take the baby to the doctor. You aren’t trained to say he is okay. Your husband is right; don’t leave him with your mom again. You’re the jerk for dismissing this so easily.” 

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