Most men have insecurities about their appearance, personality, or other aspects of themselves. This is perfectly normal, but it can be helpful to remember that people attracted to men find various things attractive, many of which may not be what men think they should be.

A user asked the forum, “People attracted to men, what do you find attractive about men that most men are insecure about?”

Here are some responses he got!


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“My partner gets shy when he does something new. It’s cute, tbh. So we both step forward and go do it together.”


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“When he giggles uncontrollably, he thinks it’s too feminine, but I find it attractive.”


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“Kindness towards animals. Any man that awws over a kitten and loves animals gets my vote.”


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“Being awkward. I find it endearing.”


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“Geeking out about something they love! Cars, video games, hobbies, etc. Especially when their face lights up talking about it! Passion, in general, is hot!.”


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“My husband has little sprinkles of silver coming in at his temples, and I kinda love it. The hair immediately came in as a stark, cool-toned white against his black hair. Not that muddy transitional blond I’m getting with my mid-tone brown.”


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“Not needing to have an answer for everything. Like…it’s okay to say, “I don’t know.” I find that so many men would rather make up an answer to anything you ask them, even if they have zero clue than admit they don’t know.”


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“Not sure if guys are insecure about this, but it’s always heartwarming to see a dude smiling. So many guys look like zombies or just flatlined or angry.

They take the life out of a room, whereas a smiling guy can breathe a lot of life into it.” Many think smiling makes them look weak.”


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“Bit of fat on top of muscle. IDC obscures the abs.”


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“Like a gap or a little bit crooked. As long as the hygiene is good, I think it’s adorable.”


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“They’re considered feminine, but I enjoy the smooth skin texture.”


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“I had no idea men were insecure about balding because I have always had a thing for bald men.”


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“I’m 5’2. I like to be able to look into a man’s eyes directly. And hugs are better. It just feels like they’re more on my level. I always look for men 5’8 or less.”


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“Can’t say for most men as I usually fall for personality, BUT, my hubby is insecure about his eyes. He got bullied for being heterochromatic, and I think they’re the prettiest things on him.”


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“No trouble showing femininity. I’m not saying to be a total softie. I don’t want to have to baby anyone — some “traditional” masculinity is great — but it should never be at the expense of being able to show “traditionally feminine” characteristics.”

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