Some jobs are often called “cheap” or “undesirable.” Not many people dream of doing these kinds of jobs. A user asked the forum, “What is the most underappreciated profession you think there is?”. Here are the common responses. 


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“Janitors. Nobody thinks about them or appreciates what they do. But you can be sure that if they all disappeared, people would suddenly realize how much we depend on them.”


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“Public defender. Getting paid low, having to work incredible amounts of hours, and having to defend people you don’t want to defend.”


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“Water treatment workers, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) technicians. The number of people who couldn’t survive without clean water & heating/cooling is staggering.”


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“Plumbers and pipefitters, thank you for keeping it flowing in the right direction. Also, the people that clean up crime scenes and death scenes. We didn’t have one of these crews in our city ten years ago. My friend’s dad shot himself; I bet he would have thought twice if he realized his daughters would be cleaning his brains off the walls and floor.”


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“Farmers. They feed everyone.”


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“Human service professionals. They’re overworked, often deal with some of the most difficult people, and get paid low.”


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“Truck drivers. These guys spend hours driving everything you could imagine in a giant killing machine across continents to get you kiwis.”


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“Cooks. We toil away in front of hot stoves for hours on end, packed shoulder to shoulder with other cooks, meanwhile cooking three steaks to different doneness, two burgers, and a rack of ribs and end our shift sweaty and tired, but when tip outcomes around we receive 10%. 

To clarify, this is at a place where servers make 1 dollar more hourly, and people are spending 30-50 dollars a plate.”


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“Factory workers. No one ever thinks about how many people it took to build that little device you’re using. How unhappy they must be! They do it because they have to and have strict working conditions. 

How many dreams do they dream to pass the time away? Toys, clothes, gadgets, shoes, electronics, and almost everything. Someone out there sat for hours putting it together.”


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“Police officers. I never realized until about a week ago how stupid people are about them. I was with a bunch of people who spent about an hour talking badly about the police and the whole situation around them. Then, I shared a story about an amazing officer in a bad situation. 

After they listened to me, they spent double the time about how awesome the police were and acknowledging they had been too harsh. It was pretty comical how fast they went from ‘disliking police’ to ‘Man, that guy was awesome.’”


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“Respiratory therapists, we’re a fairly small stealth unit; we go in, take care of business, and get out. Hardly ever do we get the thanks.”


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“Accountants. Without them, businesses would almost certainly always go under.”


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“Housekeepers, some of the hardest working people. Low pay for some physically demanding work. Most of them are women with no choice for work and spend every day cleaning up public hair in hotel bathrooms.”


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“CEOs. They must be doing something good to have boards of directors keep paying them so much, but the general public all seem to hate them.”


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“Professional musicians. A good majority of them will spend money to obtain a music performance degree in their area while receiving criticism for their choice during school. People will talk about how incredible a soundtrack for a movie/video game is but will put down the person who says they’re in school for a degree in that area.”


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“Scientists. Do you see how they are portrayed in the media? Scientists were cool in the 60s. They were smart guys who knew how to get things done, think Gilligan’s Island. Now, they are goofy or evil. Mad respect for scientists.”


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“Grocery store workers. They get treated so badly and sometimes work terrible hours. The same goes for anybody who merchandises or is a product vendor in grocery stores. The underappreciated grocery workers project their bad mood onto these people.”

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