There are such behaviors that will make you less impressive. So, it is important to behave well. It doesn’t mean you need to fake it but behave with common sense.

A user asked the forum, “What did the person you were interested in do to completely make you lose interest?”. Let’s look at the top responses.


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“I said this within another thread recently, but on a first date, a girl that I was interested in asked me for $300. No, thank you (to both the request AND her).”


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“A long time ago, I started seeing a very rich person.

Sent a photo of dinner I had ordered at a completely average restaurant in a completely average/popular neighborhood. Got a reply saying, “If you ever took me out to eat there, I would never see you again”.

Well, indeed, never saw the person again.”


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“Talked about himself for 2.5 hours straight. I was hoping a disruption like the food being served, orders being taken, or even a story ending would remind him to let me get a word in, but he would just go back to another story. So, yeah, I was saying…”


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“Told me about his gambling problem. Only told me because he was losing his house.”


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“Every story she told me was about some argument/conflict/drama, and in every story, she considered herself to be the paragon of virtue and honesty while everyone around her would be vindictive, cruel, and “out to get her.”

I recognized the behavior because my mom does the same thing, and I hate that kind of constant self-victimization.”


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We were on a walk, things were going great, I was totally smitten, and then she threw her empty Starbucks cup in the bush.

This not only turned me off but evoked an instant bad reaction, and I, of course, picked up the cup and threw it away in front of her while borderline insulting her character to her face.

I probably overreacted, but regardless, I have never gone from interested to disgusted like that before or since.”


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“I saw her interact with her kids. She was and is a terrible mother. Last year, I ran across her eldest, who is now in his early 20’s. We were talking about life; he was telling me how his mom wasn’t a good parent, and I confirmed his opinion.

He seemed to like the fact that someone else saw, even if I couldn’t have helped beyond having been someone he could talk to during his teen years.”


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“Every time she texted me, and I didn’t respond within 5 minutes, she would send a question mark. It was incredibly annoying.”


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“They would spend all day making TikToks and IG posts but couldn’t spare 5 seconds to at least say hi to me. We were dating at the time, so I think I deserved at least the tiniest bit of attention.”


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“Bad-mouthed their ex a lot, and most of the conversations we had were one-sided.”


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“He was very attractive and nice, and we had things in common. But he complained about everything- work, people he knew, food and service at restaurants, etc.

Also, when he drove, he would pulse the gas pedal instead of steadily holding it. Made for a jerky ride and was insanely annoying. We only dated for a month, and I had to jump ship.”


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“She slapped me in the face once in public, and I have zero tolerance for that outside the bedroom.”


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“Being on his damn phone on social media 24/7 during meals, during conversations, etc., like, come on.”


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“I listened to her issues and troubles. So many of them were clearly self-inflicted. Poor choices, money management, and it’s never her fault? Nah, I can’t have those problems become my problems.”


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“I went to her apartment, and she had poster-size pictures of herself (like 5). She made me dinner, and the chicken was seriously under-cooked (raw), and the frozen vegetables were still frozen.

Then the icing on the cake (there was no cake) was that she left the room and came back in wearing slippers, that she mentioned she’s “had forever” that smelled, from across the room, of funky feet.”


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“The girlfriend moved into a new apartment and dropped her cat off at the pound.

Cat was a sweetheart; she had him for five years, and when I found out she dropped him off at the pound after asking about him, her comment was, ‘What’s the big deal? I can always get another one.’

That was a big wake-up call; I didn’t want to spend any time with that person. Pretty much said I was done and got away from her.

Adopt animals for life; you are their caretaker, and they are your best friends for life.”


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“His clothes smelled like he let them rot in the washing machine, and that was such a turn-off. It happened two times with another guy. His clothes smelled funky one day, and I lost interest.”

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