While intelligence is a complex concept with various definitions and interpretations, certain behaviors are often associated with lower cognitive abilities. It’s crucial to note that these behaviors are not definitive indicators of intelligence and should not be used for labeling or stereotyping individuals. Instead, they serve as potential indicators that may warrant further assessment or consideration.

A user asked the forum, “What’s a low-key sign of low intelligence?”. Here are the top responses.


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“Lack of self-reflection, or awareness of the self, and the coordinating consequences of actions.”


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“Thinking people speak a second language imperfectly means the person is stupid.”


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“Blindly believing gossip and rumors, especially about people they know, then treating them badly for it.”


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“Inability to see from another perspective.”


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“Believing anything they read on social media.”


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“Rigid, black and white thinking without appreciation for nuance and individual differences.”


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“Attacking people instead of their arguments.”


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“Generally, I find people who brag about how smart they are are pretty low on the smart bar.”


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“Mentioning their IQ.”


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“Getting angry when presented with a problem instead of trying to find a solution. I mean, everyone gets frustrated when things go wrong, but I’m talking about the kind of people who choose to shout and swear and get red in the face when literally any sort of problem pops up. It goes past normal frustration and seems to be more about getting angry that they have to think hard.”


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“Believing in Astrology, flat earth or being an anti-vaxxer.”


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“The inability to understand sarcasm. I think there was research on this.”


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“Lack of self-awareness; not being able to ‘read a room.'”


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“Lack of empathy and complex thought towards your fellow creatures, big or small.”


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“An unwillingness to learn something when they don’t see how it will directly benefit them.

I was reading a book on bioluminescence (below The Edge of Darkness for those interested), and someone asked me why I was wasting my time with that.

It stunned me; they said they only read books about the market. Basically, “how to get rich in 10 days”, they’re still not rich, and still not curious about the world around them.”


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“Thinking Grammar equals intelligence or correcting others’ Grammar, so annoying.”


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“Racism, or just immediately talking about how you’re a cheater. Or you’re married, but you’re sleeping with other girls anyway.

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