Earning additional income through part-time work not only enhances financial flexibility but also opens doors to escape an unpleasant work environment. The abundance of part-time work opportunities is a significant advantage.

A user asked the forum, “How can I make $500/month?”. Here are the top responses.


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“When I was in college, I delivered pizza for dominos and would come home with 500 dollars every weekend.”


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“Work part-time security at night. Great money.”


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“I loved working at Ulta part-time last fall while I finished my degree. I did tasking, meaning I stocked the aisles, organized unloaded trucks, and handled back-stock while the store was closed.

They definitely need people as the holiday season comes up. Fifteen hours a week is like three five-hour shifts, and you should be set.”


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“Offer a local business to do their social media posts. Charge $1000 a month, outsource the entire thing to random people in India or Russia for $5 a post (30 posts/month), and hop on regular meetings with the client.

Give them free advice – bring them back on for retainer meetings once a month. Get them invested in their own identity as well – it’s a business model that grows both parties. I’ve personally made $10,000 in one month from this business. It works.”


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“Try the app called Instawork. You can pick up random shifts with local businesses that pay anywhere from $15-$30+ an hour. Everything from warehouse work to bartending. I live near Boston and have worked in the Patriots and Red Sox games.

They pay out weekly. If you work four shifts/month, you’ll get $500 easily.

Let me know if you want more info.”


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“UPS loader. Weird hours, hard work, decent money.”


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“There are some online writing sites where people buy articles from you. Like 200 dollars for a 2k-word article. It’s probably much easier and faster with Chatgpt. I saw it on TikTok, so you might find it there.”


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“Become a soccer+basketball referee. In my area, you can earn $50-$70 a game. Do 2-3 games a week, easy money. It’s the season for fall & spring, basketball for the winter. You’ll have to get certified + background checks done first.”


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“I’m making about $1,200 a month. Side hustle: waste management. We make sure the trash company is picking up trash bins inside commercial properties. Have a route Thursday – Sunday. Work 3 hours a day, at $20 an hour. I get my route done in around 1:30 and get paid for the full 3.”


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“Dog walkers typically charge between $20 and $30 for a 30-minute dog walking service. The average cost across the US for a 30-minute dog walking service is $24.84 in 2022. DC, it’s even higher.”


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“Work-study job! Paid by the college. I didn’t even do any work the entire time! Made between $500 and $800 every month!”


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“Vending machines. A good location can bring several hundred a month on its own.”

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