Individuals with past felonies and criminal histories can also explore viable side hustles to invest their time and energy in, thereby improving their quality of living. 

A netizen asked, “What is a side hustle that isn’t affected by a criminal history, and that isn’t already dead?”. We’ve compiled the top responses below: 


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“You can try flipping things on eBay (getting items used/free and refurbishing them for profit) or something small like a poster with your contact information and cleaning buildings. Start small and work your way up.” 


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“Learn how to detail cars. Those services can easily be between $200-$800 depending on the service you do.”, said one. 

“I can vouch for this, as I also have a couple of felonies and have made good money detailing. This is what I’ve done for ten years”, another added. 


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“It depends where you’re located, but as a general rule, getting good at Do-It-Yourself (DIY) services will help you survive in any economy or location. All services I see requested are handyman services.

Learn to fix stuff, do electrical work, do plumbing work. All services will be in demand, and they won’t know or care about your past when they need something fixed quickly.” 


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“A side hustle that can be started for little to no money is going to communities that have an elderly population and offer to take their trash cans down to the curb for pick up and return them. If you can create a schedule and build a clientele, you can grow it from there.

Offer other services to help with various tasks after establishing reliability with trash. I have back and knee problems and dread taking the trash down and back 2x a week. I would pay for the service.” 


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“Try becoming a truck driver. Several companies will hire and train you with a felony. You can live a decent life as a company driver, and if you’re up for it, you can buy your truck and become an owner and operator.” 


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“Food truck/weekend plates. I pull a quick $150-200 every Sunday, smoking some pork loins, New York strip steaks, and rice. I pay for my weekly gas and simultaneously prepare my weekly meal.” 


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“I was at an event, and this woman had a booth selling homemade pickles and jelly. $5 for a small mason jar, and she was selling a lot.” 


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“I started a construction company, doing pretty well. Things have slowed down in the past six months, but last year, I had to turn away over $1 million in work due to not being able to find people to work. It’s not easy. The first two years were 80-hour work weeks. It will all come down to how much you will put into it.” 



“Crabbing. Get 50 pots and a boat. Average annual is about $33k.” 


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“Anything involving labor. Paint, landscaping, window washing, snow plowing, roof cleaning, construction.” 


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“Plumbers in my area charge $2,800 to install a new water heater in a house.  You can buy a water heater for $500, run ads on Facebook, and install water heaters for $1,700. One can easily manage two water heater installs per day.”


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“Pool servicing is easy to get into. I did it in Phoenix for a bit and enjoyed it.”


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“Become a farmer. You don’t have to be around anyone except the guys on your crew. If they trust you to be cool, then that’s all that matters. Farming is awesome because you’re getting paid to work and work out. Nobody cares what a farmer’s personality, history, or attitude is like for the most part. If you work fast and get stuff done, nobody will think twice.” 


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“Apply at a local metal fabrication shop or machine shop. I don’t think I know a single welder that doesn’t have at least two felonies.” 

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