Cats vary in smartness and adaptability breed by breed. A user asked the forum, “Dumbest cat breeds that may not be that dumb at all.” Here are the top responses. 


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“American Shorthair. Commencing training at an early age can yield the advantage of a cat that, at the very least, acknowledges your presence when you speak to it. It might even require the skill to refrain from being on the table when prompted.

However, American Shorthairs are renowned for their independent minds. Even if you are sure they comprehend you, obedience is not necessarily guaranteed. These cats exude self-confidence and prefer to assert their autonomy.

Nevertheless, their exceptional hunting abilities may explain their seemingly aloof attitude, as if declaring they don’t truly rely on our assistance. Their message might be, ‘Keep your instructions! I’m capable of managing on my own.'”


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“Birman. There is uncertainty about whether Birman is genuinely intellectually challenged or simply characterized by stubbornness. Despite their occasional tantrums, many owners are understanding and forgiving.

Birmans are known for their high level of cuddliness and affection, but, unfortunately, they take an extended period to grasp commands and training. Interestingly, rather than responding with meows, Birmans are more likely to express their frustration, such as stamping their paws when angry.

While they keep a watchful eye on their owners, they generally don’t demand excessive attention. Owners note that Birmans have a somewhat annoying tendency to go missing, possibly due to their explorative nature, leading to more frequent instances of getting lost or stuck than other breeds.”


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“British Shorthair. Cats are known for their love of sleep, and among feline breeds, the British Shorthair might just be the champion napper. 

Generally easygoing (or some might say, a bit lazy), they are not particularly inclined towards communication, play, or activities that demand significant mental effort. On a positive note, their relaxed demeanor makes them well-suited for family environments and apartment living.”


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“Exotic Shorthair. The endearingly melancholic-looking exotic shorthair, with its flat face, is undeniably charming. Despite its appearance, this cat is highly affectionate. Thanks to its short coat, it is low-maintenance for grooming. 

Among the cats mentioned, it is more likely to pick up a few household skills and a trick or two. However, it’s worth noting that they tend to be quite lazy, likely due to their genetic ties with the equally laid-back Persian breed. 

Patience is vital in training them, especially for more intricate commands, as they might struggle with them. It is advised that they start their training process early.”


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“Himalayan. Himalayans, a blend of Persian and Siamese breeds, is a somewhat obstinate cat variety that only partially warms up to training, provided they’re in the mood for it. 

This quirk surprised breeders because Siamese cats’ are typically active and curious in nature. The Himalayan, however, leans more towards the Persian side regarding personality. 

One common issue reported by owners is the apparent difficulty or unwillingness of the Himalayas to adapt to litter box training. Their grooming needs add to the challenge, alongside their peculiar talent for simply ignoring your attempts to engage with them. 

Additionally, these cats have a unique trait of being unusually quiet, showing a preference for minimal chatting or meowing.”


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“Korat. Korats are undeniably stunning, especially with their connection to a rich heritage in Thailand and their striking blue coat complemented by captivating green eyes. However, when it comes to intellectual prowess, they might not be the liveliest. 

While they excel as lap cats, their historical background may have subdued their inclination for hunting and engaging with more dynamic aspects of their environment. Even though experts argue they are intelligent, it’s challenging to perceive when a Korat seems more content lounging around with its human companion.”


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“Munchkin. Despite being adored in the cat fanciers’ world, Munchkins, with their distinctive appearance, often find themselves the target of some good-natured teasing. 

In the past, these dwarf cats were not expected to lead whole and healthy lives, but fortunately, the breed has endured. However, particular peculiarities have been observed by cat experts. One notable trait is their inclination to hide in hard-to-reach spots. If they have a successful hunt, they will likely conceal themselves and their ‘loot’ in places that might elude our discovery. These and other behaviors have led some to question the intelligence of Munchkins.”

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