Are there any actors whose on-screen presence you find particularly grating?

A netizen recently asked, “Which actor(s) do you refuse to watch no matter how good the movie maybe?”. We’ve curated the top responses below!

James Corden

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“100% he is not funny, and is so annoying.”, said one.

“It was cringy having him try to change the narrative in how he treated the waitstaff.”, another added.

Woody Allen

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“Ughh. Just seeing his face gives me the creeps.”, said one.

“Yep, I’ve never liked this actor. There was a time when he was so popular. I never understood why. It’s so painful to watch his movies. He’s awkward and boring as hell.”, another added.

Tiffany Haddish

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“Tiffany Haddish. She just irks my entire soul. I used to feel bad as a black woman disliking her so much but I accepted my truth.”, said one.

“I’ve never liked her acting either. I just keep my mouth shut about it because she seems to be so popular.”, another added.

Lena Dunham

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“I agree. She reminded me of a girl that was never popular in high school & pretends they don’t care but always makes a big gripe about it.”

Amy Schumer

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“Oh yes! I have tried to watch a couple of movies with her that looked kind of funny, but I couldn’t make it 10 Minutes.”

Gwenyth Paltrow

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“I was looking for this answer. I knew she had to be on this list. She can not move her face it seems and has a lack of any facial expression so forget about the acting part. It’s non-existing.”

Will Ferrell

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“Will Ferrell, I know a lot of people think he’s funny, but I just think his jokes are dumb.”, said one.

“Absolutely. I’ve changed channels when he was in commercials before. Much less his movies.”, another added.

Kevin Spacey

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“Such a bummer. He was very good at impressions on talk shows but I can’t stomach him anymore.”

Kristen Stewart

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“I’m surprised I had to scroll so far to find her. I can’t stand her in absolutely anything.”

Ben Stiller

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“Ben Stiller. I have nothing against him as a person or an actor. I just can’t stand his voice or cadence or face, it’s nothing personal, Ben, I just can’t do it.”

Alec Baldwin

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“Alec Baldwin. That POS kills a woman and takes ZERO accountability for it. The voicemail he left his daughter calling her a thoughtless pig. He’s had violent altercations on the street over a parking spot. I believe he abused Kim when they were married if I remember correctly. How has he not been cancelled?!”

Adam Sandler

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“I loathe all of his movies, and they were so popular back when I was in high school. Everyone would quote them all the time and I just absolutely want to slap them all.”

Jennifer Aniston

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“Jennifer Aniston. She has no range or acting capabilities and she just plays herself in every movie.”, said one.

“Yes! Agree, she’s boring and I don’t see why she gets anything when she’s not good, just another plain Jane to me.”, another added.

Melissa McCarthy

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“Melissa McCarthy. I don’t even know what movie started it for me, but she reminded me of Kevin James whom I also dislike and her presence in movies annoys me. I know seeing Mike and Molly pop on fuels it more.

I want to clarify I don’t dislike her as a person, just do not like her schtick.”

Anna Paquin

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“Anna Paquin. She’s probably a lovely human. No idea why she drives me so crazy, but I cannot stand watching her.”, said one.

“OMG yes to this. I feel weird and mean not liking her, now I don’t feel as bad.”, another added.

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