Some compliments are so bizarre that they take the receiver by surprise. A user asked the forum, “What’s the weirdest compliment you have received?” Here are the top responses. 


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“Some random homeless New York City man told me I had a nice chin once. I still think about him.”


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“Your cough sounds nice. It was just a random girl on the train. Still throws me off two years later.”


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“Someone once told me my nostrils were a nice size.”


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“Someone once told me my voice was so soothing, it could put a crying baby sloth to sleep.”


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“I like you because I’m into unattractive guys.”


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“When I was 16, working at the drive-through, a woman said, ‘You’re the prettiest Arabic girl I’ve ever seen.’ I’m Mexican, but thank you, ma’am.”


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“‘I like your ribs.’ – Random girl at a pool party during a music festival.”


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“You look like Post Malone, but when he was poor.”


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“I was in a nightclub in Holland in the 80s, and a beautiful girl walked up to me as I stood with my mates and said you have beautiful eyes and sheepishly walked away. I still think about that now and again all these years later.”


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“I always get positive comments about my big feet; I always hear the classic ‘Oh big feet, big meat,’ I just smile and pretend it’s true.”


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“One time, I was at the doctor for some lower back pain getting an ultrasound, and the technology guy looked me dead in the eye and said, ‘You have nice kidneys. They’re very plump.’ The strangest compliment I ever received.”


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“You walk like a cat.”


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“Someone wrote in my elementary school yearbook, ‘Nice hair. Where’d you get it?’

I wish I knew, I’m bald now.”


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“A 5-year-old kid told me he liked me because I looked like a cartoon.”


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“You’ve got beautiful veins.”


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“I delivered bread to grocery stores in the 90s, and when I decided to change routes, the young lady who had always checked me in told me she’d miss the sound of my voice.”

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