As technology advances, it is natural to wonder about the future of specific jobs and industries. While some professions may be more susceptible to automation than others, many fields will likely remain safe from being taken over by AI.

In this post, we will explore some examples of professions that are not at risk of being replaced by robots or AI, according to a few favorite Redditors.


1. Elementary School Teacher

As an elementary school teacher I have found in recent years that I’m actually quite difficult to replace. Technology has yet to teach a lesson for me, but it has been a major part or component in many.” said one. 

AI cannot replace an elementary school teacher as it lacks the emotional intelligence and ability to connect with young kids. They will always need that human touch.

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2. Therapist

Therapists are pretty safe for now. Yes, for some people, talking to an AI might be helpful, but for true talk-therapy, you’re not going to get human-level insight any time soon.” said one.

While therapists cannot be entirely replaced by AI, many apps and bots offer these services. It will be interesting to see how it pans out. But one thing is for sure, AI tools will make therapy more accessible.

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3. Athletes and Sportsperson

Athletes. I’m not interested in watching robots playing basketball. Same with live theater. If I’m going to the opera it better damn well be a human or cool ass alien singing and dancing. I can listen to the music at home on Spotify.” shared a user. 

What do you think? 

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4. AI Engineers

This one is obvious. We will always need an engineer to advance and optimize the technology.

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5. Theatre, Movies, etc.

For an unconventional one, live theater. If a robot (and it’d have to be robots, you’d need a visual representation or it might as well be a radio play and AI with a holographic avatar might as well be a movie) could be a “Broadway star” etc. as well as a human or better it’d need to be so humanlike replacing the human jobs with robots like it universally would be unethical” said one.

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6. Politician

The ruling class will do all they can to ensure that they and their family members always have the opportunity to fleece the taxpayers.” said one. 


7. Barstaff

I mentioned barstaff for very similar reasons. Both deal with maddening lunatics completely driven by poor impulse control and with poor decision-making skills who need to sit on a corner and calm down once in a while.” a user said.

No matter how advanced humanity gets, bars with human bartenders will always be a thing” said another. 

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8. Babysitter

AI is not capable of babysitting children either.” said one. 

Robots cannot replace babysitters, as it lacks the ability to provide emotional support, guidance, and nurturing for children.


9. Horse Trainer

I’m a horse trainer and riding instructor. I’m pretty sure this line of work will never be taken over by robots.” said one and many agreed to it. 

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10. Dog Groomer

Dog grooming. Keeping a dog calm while shaving its bum and knowing the dogs limits while coaxing it gently to tolerate trimming and handling while also being strong enough to hold it but gentle enough to not break delicate parts.” said one.

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11. Nurse

Nursing. Too many variables at play, and a human touch is all but necessary for 90% of actions. The only real medical profession I can see at risk of being “replaced” by technology is surgery and possibly diagnosis of cancer, but even those professions I would deem still safe for a long time.” said one. 

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12. Religious Worker

Religious worker. I can’t imagine a robot giving a believable testimony about being born again.” said one

Priests. At least in most religions, which says humans have a special place in the universe.” said another. 


13. Lawyers and Judges

Yes, we have DoNotPay robots fighting cases, but replacing lawyers and judges will be a difficult task owing to the complexities. We think AI will definitely be adopted by lawyers to be better and quicker at their jobs

14. Event Planner

AI cannot replace event planners, as it lacks the ability to understand and execute the intricacies of human emotions, creativity, and spontaneous problem-solving which are integral in planning and executing successful events.

The human touch, which is essential for creating a memorable experience, is something that AI is not yet capable of providing.


15. Professional Cuddlers

Let’s be honest, if you hire a professional cuddler, you don’t want a robot there. 

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit discussion and we got you thinking about career choices going forward. Do read the best weekly jobs available to make money.

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