I lean towards work-from-home, but I can see the benefits of both.

A netizen recently asked, “Do people REALLY prefer working from home?”.

What Does OP Say

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The Original Poster (OP) adds, “Hear me out. When I was in the office 5 days a week I was burnt out and tired all the time. I didn’t have time for housework, or personal appointments and I had to book annual leave to attend sports day or any school events.

When my daughter was a baby, I sometimes went a couple of days without seeing her awake. All of this was awful. HOWEVER… My job now has no mandatory in-office days despite being advertised as a hybrid.

I sometimes go weeks without going in because no one else is there. I am bored, lonely and under-stimulated every single day. I’ve realized the bit I enjoy about work is actually GOING.

Getting up, putting makeup on, grabbing a nice coffee and going in, having office banter and a pub lunch… all I see is people saying they love WFH…am I the only one?

Not Having To Commute To Work Is Worth It

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“I would never consider any job that requires any time in the office unless it’s to show my face once every few months. After working from home since 2013, I just couldn’t face it.

Office banter and all the rest of it sounds OK, but not having to travel to work on cold dark mornings and that extra 45 mins of sleep in the morning is worth its weight in gold for me.”

Hybrid Provides A Good Balance

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“Of course, you aren’t. I think surveys show it’s about 20% who want remote, 60% desire hybrid, and 20% ask for full-time.

Each to their own but I think hybrid is generally where things have settled. It provides a good balance.

Don’t take social media as the barometer for anything.

For me personally, I’d refuse a fully remote role quicker than I would 5 days in the office role. It sounds depressing. My ideal, which I have now, is 2/3 days, and flexibility.”

Working From Home Is A Blessing!

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Get out of bed at 8:45 am? YES.

Go downstairs and have coffee with my SO and our puppy before work starts. YES.

Put a load of laundry on, knowing it’ll be done by lunch and I can hang it on the line? YES.

Sit in my comfy office, and set the radio to play the music I want. YES.

Attend morning meetings, make some notes, and do some work. Decide to take a break from the problem and go clean the kitchen in the meantime. YES.

Figure out the solution to the problem whilst wiping the sink down. It works. YES.

Now browsing social media on my lunch drinking a coke I didn’t have to pay £1.50 from the vending machine while my OH makes us a salad for lunch? YES.

Finish today at 3 pm just as my in-laws arrive for the weekend. Already refreshed and no need to ‘come down’ after work, shower, changes clothes etc? YES.


Hybrid Model Is The Perfect Middle-ground

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“Personally I enjoy the hybrid model, it’s nice to get stuff done at home or not get up as early on a Monday, but for me, you can’t replace face-to-face interactions with teams calls.

There’s a lot to be said about the team building and training advantages you get in person.

It’s also nice to have a change of scenery and get out of the house. I like going in and chatting with the people in my team or around the office. It’s been discussed at work quite often and I think probably 70% of people like coming in a couple of times a week.

The other 30% are very indoor and introverted people, their hobbies are all home-based (video games mostly), they’re introverted and aren’t particularly social.”

100% WFH Is Where My Heart Lies

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“Oh god, I love 100% WFH. I generally have nice colleagues but I have no idea how 2 people get to the office at 9 am when the nursery doesn’t open until 8 and it’s 45 minutes from work on a good day.

That’s a significant source of stress eliminated every single day – and it saves me money too.”

I Don’t Miss Going To An Office

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“I do not miss going to an office – I have more time, more money.

I am not an introvert but I have friends for social stuff.”

WFH Allows More Family Time

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“Yes. My husband works 2 jobs currently and 75 hours a week. If the 38-hour job was in an office I would simply barely see him at all.

Him being at home 5 days a week is so nice. We even get to eat lunch together which never happened before the pandemic.”

I Prefer WFH 100%

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“I prefer WFH 100%. I have been doing it for over 15 years because my line manager and team are all overseas (except 1 guy who is based at the opposite end of the country – Northerner).

Though when did work in an office with a full locally based team, it was great! However I think as I have become older and less inclined to drink on weekdays, and less inclined to enjoy office banter, flirting and social gatherings, I suspect I would also prefer to WFH even if my current colleagues were local.”

WFH Is Very Lonely

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“Personally I found WFH during lockdown very lonely and hated having to spend all day with my parents. So I quit my job to do a practical apprenticeship and haven’t worked from home for 2 years now.

I don’t miss it at all. Well, I miss not having to do any work and just playing World of Warcraft all day while pretending to do work lol. But no way prefer how it is at the moment and now I live in a shared house, I would hate WFH even more, being stuck in my small room all day every day.

I do get the appeal though if you have your own house, gives you more time to do chores, be with kids/pets etc.”

The Pros Of WFH Outweighs It’s Cons

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“For me personally, the pros of WFH outweigh the cons and I would hate to go back to the office. However, it depends on your lifestyle too.

If you just only work at home, it does get lonely. If you travel about and go to co-working environments and meetups, it solves some of the cons of WFH but gives you the flexibility that remote jobs give you.”

I Definitely Need A Hybrid Option

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“I agree with you. The thought of working from home feels great but after a few days, I realise I need people. I definitely need a hybrid option – I’m not built for full-time WFH!”

Human Interaction Is Necessary For Me

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“Human interaction is necessary for me. Even if you were to plan a lunch/work from (insert restaurant name) with your co-workers a couple of times a month to keep networking and staying in touch, it should give you that human connection to your coworkers.”

I Hate Working From Home

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“Personally I absolutely hate working from home. I get nothing done, feel slightly depressed and isolated, and when I retire I want to look back on being out and about meeting people and experiencing life to the full.

I’m also a bit of a weirdo in that I enjoy the commute.”

WFH Has Had Positive Effects On My Personal Life But Worsened My Social Life

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“I get you. I like WFH for the effect it has had on my personal life: more time, more sleep, and more choice over where to live (I’m hybrid but definitely willing to commute further for two days per week than five).

However, I do think my work life is worse. I made lifelong-type friends at work before the pandemic because we were together all day every day, but I can’t see that happening so much now.”

I Prefer In-Office Positions

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“I prefer in the office. I have hybrid work currently and much prefer the days I am in the office. It gets me out of the house, I have some conversations and get some fresh air.

I do however have a 20 min commute so am aware that makes things easier for me but there are lots of people like me who like going in the office at least 1-2 days a week.”

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