If money is the ultimate fantasy for poor people, what could be the ultimate fantasy for rich people?

A netizen recently asked, “If poor people fantasize about winning the lottery, then what do rich people fantasize about?”.

Below are the top responses.

More Time

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“Yup. Time is the real currency of life and it’s the only truly non-renewable resource.”

Even Better Materialistic Stuff

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“I know a guy who worked for Barbara Streisand and apparently she was upset that her Picasso (an original) wasn’t as nice as someone else’s. Grass is always greener I guess.”

Simpler Times

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“I once had a chance to spend a few moments in idle conversation with a multimillionaire, and he told me that having money just takes the mask off of the problems that most people argue about when they think they’re arguing about money.

Based on that, I’d guess many of them daydream about simpler times.”

Living Forever

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“Yup, this must be it. Every 80-year-old billionaire is probably in agony, wishing ‘If only I could be 20 again but with this same amount of money.”

Especially if they only became rich at an old age.”

Real Friends

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“Yeah, the rich don’t know who are their friends and who are leeches.”, said one.

“This right here. Have a friend who is a multi-millionaire and his circle of friends is about 5 people including me. It’s honestly hard for him to trust new people so he puts his efforts into the friends he has.”, another added.

Even More Money

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“Most rich people fantasize about having even more money. There’s always a better home to be had in the Hamptons. Perhaps your $6M home is embarrassingly shabby compared to your neighbors’ $20M home. Maybe you are sad you don’t also have a luxury home on Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, the Outer Banks, or La Jolla.

What is one private jet when you can have two and not have to share with your wife? Easier for you both to have affairs that way.

There’s always a Foundation to start, a politician to be bought, a society to impress.”

Helping Others And Enjoying The Latter Portion Of Their Lives

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“I spend a lot of time around wealthy, decent people.

This is an interesting subset of wealthy people. They spend a lot of time thinking about improving the lives of people around them, charity/philanthropy, their families, grandchildren, family vacations, and enjoying the latter portion of their lives.

On a personal note, my dad is decently wealthy, not wildly, but well off. He fantasizes about my mom being alive. We lost her less than a year ago, and I’m positive that he’d give everything up to have her back.”


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“Probably love. The kind where you can call your best friend at 2 AM just because you need to talk, or the kind where you love your partner so much that seeing them smile brightens your day.

Most of the wealthiest people in the world are lonely because everything is about transactions.”

Not Dying From Illness

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“Not dying. I know one of the 50 wealthiest men in the world (according to Forbes) and all his massive cash can’t save his wife, can’t hold back a terminal illness, can’t stop the soul-crushing advances of a terrible mortal downward spiral.”

Their Kids Being Successful Like Them

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“My parents are wealthy and they dream of their kids being as successful as they are and working towards a living standard that they didn’t have when they were younger (Literally third world).

I guess they’re living their fantasy right now. Since I did experience their rise to wealth, I remember where I come from as well and highly appreciate the opportunity they’ve offered.

I hope my siblings will have the same mindset even though they are growing up in the golden hours of my parents’ lives.

From what I know, they’re getting multiple villas built around Asia, thinking about having more built around the world and want to spend their last decades going from house to house whenever they feel like it (I can’t blame them).

Oh, and my dad is a tech nerd like me and is excited about the Apple Vision Pro.”

Exploitation Of The Poor And The Working Class

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“They fantasize about the continued pillaging of the poor and working classes. They assure this continues by funding the election campaigns of the puppets they choose. Pure evil.”


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“Fame. For example, risking their lives in the name of recognition.”

Appearing To Save The World

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“Appearing to save the world. It’s why comically rich people get obsessed with environmentalism at such high rates.”

Cosplay As Blue-Collared Workers

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“It’s not every rich person, but I know some very well-off people that like to cosplay as blue-collared workers. Not sure how to describe it but they have cabin man vibes and cheap classic vacations partially because they grew up that way but then go back to mansions and luxury cars.”

Winning The Lottery

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“Winning the lottery because numbers are indefinite, and they can never have enough.”

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