A user asked, How do you stay friends with a woman you have a crush on? Here are the best ways the people shared

1. Leave It To The Other Person

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“Even after your intent was rejected, some people are more mature about it in the future. From experience, some women are better at being friends, and some like to get attention from you as their male “friend.”

Best to let those friendships end quietly. Don’t initiate contact with them.”

2. Wait To See If You Start Seeing Red Flags

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“Honestly, in the cases when I got to know a crush better after being rejected, I almost always got to see her unfurl all her red flags openly to me, and I was relieved I didn’t end up dating her. A crush can be a powerfully stupid thing that blinds us from seeing what we need to see.”

3. Act Normal

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“Meh, I don’t know if the feelings aren’t deep, the girl is laid back, and your friendship is strong enough to act like it never happened. See if you can go back to friends. It can be done!”

“Just act like you did before; most crushes fade after a while if you don’t give it attention.”

4. Take Some Time Off

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“Yes, it may end your friendship as it was, which is okay. Your feelings for her evolved, and hers didn’t. Honestly, reciprocity is the most crucial part of relationships, and if you aren’t getting the reciprocation, it won’t work for you, and you’ll get hurt more.

That said, I would communicate with her and say you will take a break. Allow yourself to grieve. It hurts when things don’t work out with someone you have feelings for. Give yourself a chance to work through it. You are not running away.

If you come out the other side and the feelings have dissipated, which can happen, you may revisit your friendship. If they don’t, then move on. Also, if she makes you feel bad about your decision, run as fast as possible.”

5. Start Analysing

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“You find a way to be at peace with it. I eventually realized that we probably wouldn’t have worked out anyways, and it only would’ve been a fling.”

“Maybe take some time apart from them to think about things.”

6. Let It Be

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“Create distance, focus on your own life. Still, communicate periodically, and be genuinely friendly. It won’t be the same though.”

7. Appreciate Them For The Person They Are

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“Try appreciating them for the person they are, rather than what you think you’d get from being with them. This really helps turn everything into a positive..you might actually get to know them this way.”

8. Be Upfront Of Your Feelings

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“The friend zone is somewhere you put yourself when you’re either unwilling or afraid to be honest about your feelings or unwilling to take no for an answer.

Have the confidence to be upfront about what you want and the respect to take whatever answer she gives, and you’ll never end up there.”

9. Don’t Be Weird About It

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“Just don’t be weird about it, don’t be pushy, and pay attention to your feelings. If you aren’t okay with it, which is common, it might be better to take a step back, at least temporarily.

However, those other guys are wrong; it can work; I have done it many times without screwing it up. I made it a bit weird once or twice, but not something that couldn’t be fixed.”

10. Don’t Miss The Cooling Off Period

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“You can do it, but you’ll need a cooling-off period.”

“Tell her you can still be friends, but not for a while. If she can’t deal with that, ditch her.

Then, cool off. You can do this by getting to know new people, doing new things, anything to take the edge off of the infatuation. Don’t contact her until the yearning deadens. If she won’t grant you that kind of space, ditch her.

When you can look at yourself in the mirror and honestly can tell yourself that you would like to see her just because she can be an asset to your life and NOT because you’re hoping to regain some part of yourself that only she can give back to you, only then can you even start to consider to be friends again.”

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