While in a relationship with a girl, we tend to judge them based on their behavior which might not be ideal but saves you from getting into a lifelong trouble. 

A user asked the forum, “What is the female equivalent of a man child?” Here are the common responses.


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“Usually, the ones who say everyone around them is causing drama.”


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“I think those women got stuck in the 15-year-old “being mean is cute/cool” mindset, and they’re just jerks to everyone, and then they cry when someone stands their ground.”


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“If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best.”


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“Women who are stuck in the popularity contest from high school. They are chronically on social media and are constantly obsessed with how people see them. They are entitled, selfish, and manipulative. They talk bad behind your back and can’t seem to grasp adulthood and reality.”


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“Daddy’s girl. It should be the top answer as this is it. A manchild hasn’t grown out of needing a mother to take care of him, and a “Daddy’s Girl” hasn’t learned to be self-sufficient just like a manchild.”


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“Any woman who self-identifies herself as a ‘diva’”


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“We call them “rich girls” where I grew up. They are completely incapable of caring/providing for themselves and almost always need their father’s money to get by. They always wear designer junk and usually marry rich men because they have zero skills. If they don’t marry rich, they just become a burden on everyone around them.”


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“Girls who make “independent” their whole personality. Congrats on being an adult.”


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“Whining as a tactic for getting their way. It never fails to confuse and disgust me how many grown up people hitch their voice up like a toddler (or stamp their foot / start screaming) or try to “baby voice” their way around a result they don’t like.


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“No, I don’t wanna.” Well, tough bad, Jennifer. You’re an adult, and you need to fold your laundry. I’m not doing it for you. “Please?” No, Cynthia. I told you I already started making dinner at my house. I won’t drop what I’m actively in the middle of to hang out with you. Wait, and you’ll see me. Whine, and you won’t.

I’m a woman, and behavior like that makes my skin crawl. Anyone who doesn’t know how to use their words like an adult or take personal accountability is a child as far as I’m concerned.”


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“A girl boss. Edit: I don’t mean a woman who’s a boss.”


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“Karen is the best way to describe this kind of woman. 

Emotionally incapable of handling situations that don’t go their way; manipulative towards the people that love them; full-on tantrums when people tell them no; overbearing and controlling with their family; easily able to persuade people that don’t know them well that they’re selfless and good; and the worst – incapable of empathy. The misery they displace onto everyone is tenfold that of a manchild.”


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“A sugar baby or girl who always wants to be rescued.”


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“Women who think they deserve the world for being pretty. An attribute that will only get you so far. Building an entire persona around beauty portrays how little thought they have given to life.”


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“Doesn’t have a career, just has dreams that she refuses to chase.”


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“Passenger princess who lives with her family and doesn’t confront any of her issues in life. Entitled picky, she never does anything unless it’s what she wants. She cannot be in discomfort, doesn’t work out, and generally doesn’t fix her mental health issues.”

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