Any type of self-harm, whether physical or emotional, is very dangerous. You may be unknowingly engaging in self-harm, and the consequences can be severe.

A user took it to the forum, and asked “What’s the most socially accepted form of self-harm?”, and here are the top responses.


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“Sustaining that negative voice in your head all day really breaks down your self worth and self esteem.

We are all flawed in many little and different ways. Try to be kind to yourself and others if only for little things.

I have been trying to do that for a while now and it helps, and others will react more positively towards you as well, helping you get a bit more positive bit by bit.”, said one user. 


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“So many people brag about sleeping less than the recommended hours like it is an achievement to be able to function on too little sleep.

No, you’re harming yourself, and inducing stress in your body.”, said one user.


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“Overworking is lionized, and not just socially accepted.

Somehow 12+ hour days in a cubicle has become a badge of honor.

Working insane hours takes priority over family and health. At least until you drop dead.”, said one user.


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“Alcohol is the only self harm that people look at you strangely for not participating in.”, said one user.

“Alcohol – the only drug you have to explain why you’re not taking it.”, said one user. 


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“If you’ve ever clicked on a video where the narrator makes predictions about the death of America/rise of China/death of Europe/loss of ethics in modern society/conspiracy theories/rise of fascism/any other topic that’s horribly depressing, then the algorithm shows you more and more of those videos and you keep clicking on them.

That’s doom scrolling, a potentially dangerous activity because it can give you depression when you don’t have one and make you unable to see the good news that actually does happen alongside the bad.”, said one user.


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“I think this is just a known thing that people who smoke have accepted. I know when I was a smoker I accepted my fate because I knew I was addicted.

I vape now, still need that nicotine, but I honestly feel a lot better since I quit smoking. I smell better too (Yes, I know there are issues with vapes too).”, said one user.


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“Looking up things that horrify and scare you, or make you feel insecure such as eating disorder encouragement or incel pages that tell you that you deserve pain, is a form of self harm. 

I’ve noticed whenever I’m not doing well I end up going down research rabbit holes about disease, war, horrible historical events, gore, etc.

It’s interesting, and I justify it because it’s interesting, but honestly it just makes me feel horrible.

Self harm isn’t just physical. Sometimes if you have anxiety or depression, your mind wants something that makes you feel worse because it’s trying to seek out a reason WHY you feel so bad.”, said one user. 


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“Overeating and eating an unhealthy diet. It’s like the #1 public health problem in America.”, said one user. 


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“I worked the night shift for two years. I barely saw my wife or my friends or my family.

It was hard to function, things like going to the dentist or the bank became a huge hassle.

The crazy swing of getting back on a day schedule for your off days so you can see people, then going back to overnights, puts stress on your body.”, said one user. 


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“Not leaving a marriage due to social stigmas surrounding divorce or the otherwise religious implications holding you there.

Stop delaying happiness due to what other people’s expectations of a “good” person are.

You’re not exercising “duty” by staying in a toxic relationship. You’re self-harming.”, said one user. 

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