While it is difficult to get away with murder, there are certain professions that may offer some degree of protection from the law.

A user took it to the forum, and asked “What job profession is most likely to get away with murder, undetected?”, and here are the top responses.


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“Doctors, especially small-town doctors.

The serial killer with the largest estimated body count in history was a doctor”, said one user.


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“Pigs eat anything; boots, hats, flesh, and everything.

And people rurally, do tend to sometimes just vanish.

No trace of the body, plus if they already work at a pig farm, it’s an occupational hazard, meaning no motive”, said one user. 


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“A grave digger. Drop the body in, cover it with just enough dirt, then plop the next scheduled coffin right on top.”, said one user. 


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“Nurses, especially the ones that deal with geriatric patients.

They die all the time anyway.”, said one user.


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“I worked with a chap who was a scientist. He knew loads about chemistry, which made him great when doing fun experiments with kids at our museum.

I was talking about my mother’s abusive husband, and my colleague looked me right in the eye, deadly serious and told me, ‘If you need him to be gone, I can give you something that you can give him and it will leave no trace’”, said one user.


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“If you have your own moving company, it will involve lots of moving around, and plenty of stops in the middle of nowhere.”, said one user. 


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“My sister is an expert in forensic entomology. She has spent years learning and teaching about forensics.

Technically, she could probably get away with murder”, said one user.


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“Kill someone and then send the body to yourself to investigate.”, said one user.


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“It’s scary what hidden corners of the country they know because they had to measure a group of trees there.

Also nobody cares if a surveyor digs a hole and puts something inside, measuring points are often marked with a one meter long rock. So, yeah, never trust a surveyor. We know where to hide your body”, said one user.


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“Politics for sure. Mayors have quite the rap, can only imagine how much worse it gets the further up you go.”, said one user. 

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