Some people not only have weird fantasies, but they are also willing to spend a lot of money to fulfill them.

A recent incident, where a MAN apparently spent huge chunks of money to convert himself into a DOG, urged us to think along those lines. An internet user shared a screenshot of an article published online that vividly describes what exactly panned out during the incident.

Below, we’ve shared a gist of the incident followed by users’ thoughts on the same!

The Bizarre ‘Doggo’ Incident

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Toco, a man in Japan, ended up spending around US$16,000 on a human-sized dog costume. Not just that, he’s been using it regularly to bring life to his ‘doggo’ dreams.

For the last few months, Taco has been wearing his Collie costume, trying to walk on four legs, eating dog food, recording everything, and putting it out on YouTube.

But now that he’s reached the milestone of getting 12,000 subscribers, he’s starting to worry about people’s thoughts and remarks over his actions.

Let’s now have a look at what people had to say!

He Reminds Me Of Someone

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“He reminds me of the FMA chimera and Watchdog Man in One Punch Man lol.”

It’s Just A Costume

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“It’s a hyper-realistic costume. These headlines are pure lies lol.”

This Isn’t Normal!

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“I know people that are into the whole furry culture…I think that’s how you call it but yeah the ones dressing up in animal costumes/etc…but this is some other nonsense. I need people to find Jesus or any other higher power because they need it.”

He’s More Than A Furry

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“Is he considered a furry? Most furries are anthropomorphic cartoon animals but this one straight up became a dog”

It’s Scarier Than You Can Imagine

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“Can you imagine the absolute horror of petting a dog and then slowly realizing it’s some jerk in a suit? That is scarier than anything I can imagine.”

It Looks SO Realistic!

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“Everyone is talking about how weird it is… I’m just thinking about how damn realistic it looks. Money well spent TBH.”

How Do You Do That?!

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“So how do you spend $16,000 on becoming a dog? Do you buy a furry suit and pay someone to make it custom for you? Or do you have some sort of surgery?”

This Looks Disturbingly Real!

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“I’m so disturbed by how real the costume looks. Like, where was this guy when they made cats? They should have had him in the costume department.”

That’s Not Just Weird, It’s Scary!

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“The fact that at first glance that looks like it could be a real dog is what is freaky. Imagine you spot this dog ‘waiting for its owner’ outside a grocery store, you go to scratch its head and this creature talks to you and then you realize it’s a man behind that face. I don’t know why but that’s scary to me and not just weird.”

We’ve Seen Weirder Things

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“Considering the fact that we’ve seen a guy shove a jar where the sun doesn’t shine, I’d say this is relatively tame in comparison.”

Dogs Are Cool, Though

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“Nope, dogs are cool. I’m jealous that dogs have the best lives. My dog just chills and eats food while I work!”

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