TV shows are the best entertainment to keep us occupied. Some TV shows are really good and worth our time but some TV shows are over hyped and talked about most by people, but they don’t deserve such over hype. Have you ever come across such TV shows? 

A user asked the forum, “What’s the most overrated TV show of all time?”. Let’s read the top comments from the forum.


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“Grey’s Anatomy … I mean, how many series did they milk out of the show?”


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“Riverdale – I started watching it back in college. It got confusing and stupid pretty quickly, and I haven’t watched it since.”


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“Glee, Season 1 was fresh and different. Then, in season 2, they started writing the plot around the songs, as opposed to the other way around. It was at that point that it became unwatchable.”


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“The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Don’t you think so?”


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“Emily in Paris.”


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“Big Bang theory drives me nuts.”


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“Bachelor/Bachelorette. Terrible TV.”


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“The Kardashians/keeping up with the Kardashians.”


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“two and a half men…the most basic boring plots/jokes”


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“The Oprah Winfrey Show.”


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“How I met your mother. I am not saying it’s a bad show; it has some notably funny moments, but it’s so saturated in-jokes that I have to sit through about 3-4 corny jokes that try too hard before another good one pops up.”


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“Walking dead.

Here’s the plot: lose base camp, fight walkers, lose friends, meet new people, fight to get accepted, find a new home, and prosper. Next season, repeat!

The show has become Scooby Doo.”


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Euphoria is such a strange watch, IMO. Some of the writing and character work is borderline unwatchable (pretty much anything with Kat or Maddy, imo.). There are way too many moments where Levinson delights in being edge-lordy.

But I’ll be damned if it doesn’t have some of the best acting on TV, too (particularly thinking of Zendaya x Colman Domingo in the Christmas special, which was a stunning actors showcase), and some thrilling direction. I might even argue it’s the best-directed series on TV … just often, of course, at the odds of story/characters.”


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“As a die hard Addams family fan, the fact that Wednesday and the rest of her family act nothing as they do in the other movies and shows really made me sad :((( the show was so basic and unoriginal.”


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“Yellowstone. I watched two seasons because people kept saying it gets really good after you commit. It doesn’t.”

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