Some professions seem to be hijacked by awful people, so much so that you never want to be a part of them. 

An internet user asked, “What’s a profession that’s occupied exclusively by terrible people?”. Here are the top responses.

Sales Staff At Funeral Homes

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“My girlfriend works for a funeral home and I gotta say the sales staff.

They utilize several manipulative tactics on vulnerable people (often elderly) to upsell coffins, funeral plots, flower arrangements, etc. It’s absolutely disgusting how they take advantage of people at the worst moments of their lives, all in the name of ‘honoring the memory of the loved one’.

I told my girlfriend she can honor my memory by disposing of my carcass as cheaply as possible and going on a vacation or something.”

Phone Scammers

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“As an ex ‘Telecommunications Specialist’ I can 100% say that it’s a career field where they prey on the young and naive by being like “Rewarding Career! No degree required!” and then they suck you into it and basically make you feel like you’re the biggest POS in the world if you don’t continue being a POS to people on the phone.

I’ve seen a lot of people’s mental health absolutely deteriorate in those offices.” 


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“Straight BUMS, to be honest. These people just be following celebrities around, minding their business and frustrating them OFF. No respect for privacy or personal space whatsoever, and they’re selfish and FOOLISH for leaking these people’s addresses for entitled and degenerate fans and stans to find.

Paparazzi members are also sellouts and materialists who care only to fill their own pockets at the expense of others.”

Payday Lenders

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“Especially as someone that grew up poor, I can tell you that payday loans are designed to destroy lives. They specifically prey on the most vulnerable people ever, and it’s possibly the worst possible business that’s somehow legal.”

Mega Church Pastor

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“Taking advantage of the money people who don’t know better donate to fund your new luxury car and mansion.”


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“Work in a prison,  I technically know a lot of pimps, almost all of them had underage girls working for them… they try to act like it’s cool, or because I’m black I understand why or some nonsense… hate those clowns, they need to be castrated.”

House Flippers

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“House flippers, that buy cheap, sucking up inexpensive but renovation worthy property, but only do the crappiest cosmetic gray floors minimum, walls in a few appliances, in pricing into the normal market with no return of real value, but yet suck out all the equity…

Right up there with Airbnb and corporate ownership.. all helping to create a miserable housing market.”

Family Vloggers

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“Family vloggers. I don’t mind parents talking about being parents, to an extent. The parents who turn their kids into unpaid and/or unwilling child actors for clicks seem awful and exploitative. 

To be clear, I’m not talking about vloggers who’ve gotten older and had kids. I’ve followed vloggers online who have had kids but don’t show them in photos or videos.

If they talk about them it’s not revealing any major details about the kid, only about their experiences of being a parent: this is how I planned parental leave with my partner, this how I dealt with x problem, etc.”


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“Years ago on a trip to DC, I was invited to dinner at a fancy restaurant by a former coworker. It was a table full of political types including lobbyists.

When dinner was over I reached for my wallet. My buddy told me to put it away because a lobbyist at the table had me covered. Great, thanks.

A couple of weeks later a coworker sent an email telling me the lobbyist thought I was someone else (i.e., someone who mattered) and I wanted me to reimburse him for the meal. Nah, to hell with that noise.”


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“Realtors. People making the biggest purchase of their lives, something that can make or break their future. And all they care about is making a few extra bucks. Gross.”

Insurance Executive

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“My high school music teacher would spend hours on the phone just to find out his insurance refused to cover a surgery that would have addressed his debilitating pain.

That was just a few years before he passed away from ALS, and I still want to punch that insurance executive straight in the jaw.”


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“In 2023? Journalist. Journalists 50 years ago did more than just parrot the DNC party line. Real investigative journalism died during the Clinton administration.”

Psychics & The Likes Of It

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“Psychics, ‘healers’, fortune tellers, astrologists, homoeopaths, and anybody else selling nonsense and ripping off vulnerable people.” 

Pharmacy Benefit Managers

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“Pharmacy Benefit Managers, or PBMs. Literal scum of the earth wrapped in an overpriced suit. My boss is a pretty hardcore capitalist with some let’s say “old-fashioned” political views and he’s told me many times how they disgust him.

I’ve met them from afar and my coworker whose more aligned like me has interacted with them more and he’s told me he does not understand how they can act like such fake individuals. They really think they’re God’s gift to the planet by making prescription drugs and insurance more complicated.” 

Multi Level Marketing Companies

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“Multi-level marketing companies. You have to be a certain kind of person to knowingly promise wealth and beauty to underprivileged, poor, and grief-stricken people in exchange for selling crappy made in china products.

Mind you I’m not talking about the victims of these people, but the high-level individuals who know exactly the lies they’re spewing.” 

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