Who doesn’t like to get the cheapest and tastiest fast food?  

A user asked the forum, “For $5, What is the cheapest Fast Food Chain (nationwide) (United States).” Here are the typical responses. 


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“$5 cravings box or happy hour 2-5 pm at Arby’s.”


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“Wendy’s four for $4 Junior bacon cheeseburger is the best value, hands down.”


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“Burger King, two rodeo cheeseburgers, and a value fry for 4$.”


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“The $5 Biggie Bag is my go-to order.”


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“My go-to is two bacon cheese burgers/small fries/small drink for $4.

If you go to the Burger King online group and search for codes, you can find codes for deals that are no longer in the app. 

Burger King doesn’t (at least the ones near me) check the app; they just ask you for the code at the speaker. 4095 is the code for a $4 meal.”


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“Del Taco has an awesome dollar menu.”


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“$5 at McDonald’s gets you a Double Cheeseburger plus small fries($3), four piece nuggets($1), any size drink($1).”


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“If you’re looking for calories for the buck, I’m unsure if anything beats a $5 Famous Bowl combo at KFC, Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Unfortunately, it’s moved to $6-7 at specific locations now.”


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“2 crispy chicken sandwiches at McDonald’s in the app.”


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“For $5, I usually go to El Pollo Loco for one of their $5 combos. I’m surprised they can even keep it at $5 for such a long time. The $5 combos are good; they use fresh vegetables and freshly grilled chicken at El Pollo Loco. 

I usually get the $5 nachos; I like nachos because they are so much fun to eat.”


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“If you can get to Little Caesars early enough, you get a half-deep-dish pizza and a drink for their lunch special, which is $5. Where I’m at, Taco Bell doesn’t have the $5 box anymore. It’s $6 now, but Wendy’s has the four for four and the 5$ biggie box. 

I usually go to Wendy’s if I get $5 for food, or if I get a little more, I’ll hit up the Domino’s app. They usually have excellent deals and taste a bit better than little teasers; still love the deep dish there and their crazy bread,”


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“The hot and ready is a good deal, especially if you have something to dip it in. Burger King has good value. Wendys 4 for 4. Taco Bell Boxes. Maybe Checkers; I never go there, even though I always want to. If you’re up for cutting and plating, rotisserie chicken and bread is good. 


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“Qdoba has that 5-dollar Wednesday deal.”


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“Come on now, you’re all wrong. Cook-out! Cook-out trays are $5.”


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“Nobody beats the prices of Costco food court.”


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“If you use the app, you could get a lot of food at Jack in the Box for very cheap.”

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