Break free from the 9-to-5 and work for yourself with these 17 high-paying jobs that you can do solo. A user asked, What job can I get that requires little to no social interaction?

1. UPS Package Handler

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“UPS package handler. Wear headphones and get paid to work out, basically.”

2. Driving

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“If you become a driver you’re pretty much alone all day. Only say a few things to customers (if you need a signature), and then you’re on your way. The majority of stops require no interaction at all.”

“Assuming you’re in the USA, get your CDL, and a world of introverted driving jobs become available. My dad drove for a referred company (refrigerator trucks usually hauling food) got paid around $1400/wk, and told me the only people he ever spoke to was the same dispatcher once a day and the person who pointed at where to drop a load.

On the flip side, if you don’t mind coworkers but just don’t want to deal with customers, then find work as a commercial electrician. That’s what I do, and the only people I interact with are my coworkers and my foreman once or twice a day.”

3. Database Administrator

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“Do this, take classes to get certified as a Database Administrator. Very little interaction, and when there is, you can still be antisocial.”

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4. Baker

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“I’m a baker. Show up at weird hours, bake quietly, and go home before the doors even open to the public. Life is good.”

“This is a really good suggestion. I’ve known several people, male and female, who are bakers, and they loved the hours and solace of the job because it fit their personalities so well.”

5. Overnight Security Guard

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“Overnight security guard. My roommate was one, and he did nothing but watch youtube from what I could tell.”

“I was a security guard where I just sat in a guard shack for 8+ hours a shift mostly, but I did have to make rounds, and I would answer phone calls if I worked while the plant was open, and I operated a gate for the truck drivers, did minimal paperwork, but it was mostly just sitting around. I played Nintendo DS, and it was before smartphones would do apps and stuff.”

5. Chat Support Jobs

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“This might sound absurd to you, but I find chat support jobs require no social interaction.”

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6. Warehouse Jobs

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“Sign up for an app like Instawork that allows you to pick up a shift or two at different businesses. A lot of times, I see entry-level warehouse jobs for picking and packing items. You can test it for a day or two, make some cash, and basically a trial run if you’d like it long term.”

7. Data Entry Job

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“If you can find an entry job at an office for data entry or filing, those jobs tend to be pretty solitary. Overnight stocking or working with planograms at retail stores is another.”

8. Push Carts At Walmart

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“Go push carts at Walmart. Here me out, I’m being serious. Walmart will hire you immediately, they’re everywhere and always hiring, they pay decent, pushing carts requires no communication with people, and best of all.”

9. File Clerk

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“File clerk”. Basically, just sit organizing files all-day”

10. Lab Help

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“My partner did a job (that she’d really like to do again) where she basically just cleaned tubes and supplies for a lab all day. Just put in headphones and never talked to anyone.”

11. Blogger

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As a blogger, you require little to no interaction. You can sit in your room, create content, market it and learn search engine optimisation.

12. Freelance Writing

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If you are a freelance writer, you can be alone and write content.  The only interaction is with clients. In my experience, it has been minimum. 

13. Airport Baggage Handlers

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“Better job would be airport baggage handling. While luggage comes in different shapes and sizes, it is somewhat standard, so may not take as big a toll on the body. A better option if you live in a location with a temperate climate. Also, smaller airports are less demanding than the hubs.”

14. Truck Driver

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“Truck driver. Get paid to train and spend all day in your truck by yourself. In my first year with a ‘starter’ carrier, I made 60k. Now, eight years later, I’m home every night, work a half day on Friday, and am off all weekend, and I make over 100k a year.”

“Long hours. Depending on the job. You can only work 14 hours per day and drive 11 of those. Not always the case, but I was working over 70 hours in 6 days for weeks on end. It can get old, fast. I was making decent money, and I had a goal. Got my stuff paid off in less than three years, and I was out of that particular job. That being said, I love driving. I miss it, and the $.”

15. Store Accountant

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“I’m a store accountant for a grocery chain. I show up before we open to make deposits and get the money ready for the day and such, then I’m in my office listening to music while I type, scan, and file things. I take a few phone calls, but typically one or two at most any given day.

I have to interact with my boss and their boss semi-regularly (maybe a few times a day), but outside of that, I rarely need to converse with the other 100ish employees unless they can’t figure something out or I have to fix something.

I fully capable of social interactions, but I’ve always been heavily introverted. I rarely speak unless spoken to or if I have something meaningful to add to the conversation. People find this offputting when I don’t just keep talking or discussing the weather or the latest sports ball shenanigans due to my lack of interest, so I like not having to pretend as much in this position.”

16. Welding

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Welding can be a high-paying career where you spend much time under a welding hood. When you aren’t welding, it’s rarely necessary to interact with anyone other than your foreman to get your assignment. I’ve met several welders who are loaners. Some work in a shop (preferably a union) or on the road. Like many labor careers, the better your skill, the less you need to say.”

17. Drawing

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“Drawing, as in industrial or building or engineering in general. You draw fabrication or concepts based on either old concepts or existing drawings.

Requires basic computer skills, good spatial intelligence, and, ideally a CAD course. In the current lack of qualified employees, I’m sure some company would take a young worker such as yourself and give him some training in intern procedures.

You usually work alone with a headset a music (if you wish), and also talk exclusively to your superior and/or the project manager.”

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