Society has ingrained that women must adhere to a specific appearance to be deemed attractive. In reality, most men appreciate women of diverse shapes and sizes.

So, ladies, don’t let society’s unrealistic beauty standards make you feel insecure about your body. You are beautiful just the way you are. Here are 9 things women don’t realize men find attractive.

Changes With Advancing Age

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While it’s true that men also experience societal pressures related to aging, these pressures are generally less intense and focused on different aspects than appearance. However, for many women, it is a concern.

If someone truly loves you, ladies, they will love you no matter what. 

“We have grown older together, and I honestly couldn’t find anything in this world that still turns me on, such as how my wife runs her fingers down my back or how she looks.  Long story short…..girls spend tons of time worrying about getting older. Age isn’t always a detractor.” says one. 

Chubby Cheeks

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For most women, chubby cheeks are a concern. It makes them feel fat and unattractive. However, men don’t care about it.

“My ex-girlfriend always complained about the size of her cheeks and how she looked like Quico (a character from an old Mexican TV series). She looked gorgeous; I loved to kiss and caress her cute round face.” said one. 

“My last two exes have round faces with adorable cheeks. There’s just something about them; maybe when they smile, it accentuates them. Whatever, adorable either way.” another added  

Uneven Breasts

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While some women may worry about having uneven breasts, it’s important to remember that this is a natural variation, and most men don’t find it bothersome at all.

“This is so true! My girlfriend always complained, but I loved them. I thought I was the weird one!” Another added. 


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While some women worry about having cellulite, many men find it attractive. This is likely because cellulite is a natural part of the female body and is not something to be ashamed of.

“Cellulite is the biggest disconnect to me. Women will do anything to get rid of it, and I’m just like… you’ve got nice glutes though. That’s what it’s supposed to look like.” one added.

A Deep Voice

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You shouldn’t be afraid or insecure to let your voice be heard, regardless of its pitch. Your words and message hold more value than societal expectations of being “girly”. Besides that, most men either don’t care or find it attractive.

“Plus one to ‘voice.’ God, that deep, alluring voice…It sends me somewhere.” Another added. 

Hip Dips

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Hip dips are a natural part of many women’s bodies, and there’s nothing wrong with having them! They can add a unique and beautiful curve to your figure.

“I was always very insecure about my hip dips until my boyfriend told me he loved them. I was standing in front of him one day, and he just said, “I love the way your hips go in a little there; it makes your butt so cute; it’s my favorite,” and I was shocked, honestly.

I used to spend hours watching videos about how to exercise them away, creams that would fill them in, and other ridiculous crap that would never work. He’s somehow found every insecurity I have and told me how attractive it is before he ever even knew I was insecure.” shared a woman.

Love Handles

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Love handles are common, and a user says, “They’re called love handles for a reason.” 

Don’t let societal expectations define your worth. Love handles are beautiful curves on your incredible body. Flaunt them with pride.

Minor Tooth Imperfections

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 The first thing you notice in a person is their smile and teeth. Most women are insecure if they have minor imperfections, but some are truly adorable. More than the minor imperfections, it the confident smile that is attractive. 

The Little Stomach Chub

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Love the skin you’re in! While most women are conscious about the stomach chub, don’t let the little bit of fluff around your stomach hold you back from feeling fabulous. It’s a natural part of many bodies and is endearing.

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