Not all men have lofty career goals. This does not diminish their worth. They work to provide for their families and to meet their basic needs. A user asked the forum, “Men with zero career aspirations, what do you do for work?”


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“Software engineering, I don’t really work because I want a great career. I just want to solve fun problems. So far, I’ve lucked out that you tend to get paid well doing it.

When people complain about not wanting to work or how people who do overtime are losers, I don’t really get it. I’ve always had fun with work, and being in the office is still my main way of socializing.”


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“Truck driver. It’s basically a dead-end job. But good money for low effort. No need to rent, so easy to save money.”


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“DoorDash. I did that in Pullman and made about 20 bucks an hour. Small college town for the win.


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“I do guard duty in Seattle, make my 20, and get to work 12 hours shifts which makes it feel like I’m earning 30. No time for a personal life, however.

Taught English overseas for a while; that was an excellent job. Great pay in China, very low hours, and no need to check homework most of the time.

It was a full-time paid job for part-time work. It was also a genuinely fun job to do. I would have been happy to do that forever.

Right now, I plan to pay off a bunch of debt, start doing some college studies and get a degree that will position me to be an English teacher again if I want.

Alternatively, I might approach some construction sites and offer to do work in order to start a career in construction.”


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“Freelance writer. Can’t see myself doing anything else. Love it.”


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“CDL is a good dead-end job, but it opens up a lot of doors. It can segway into construction work.

If you learn how to chop trees, you can truck way out into the sticks and then run a chainsaw. That pays really well.”


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“Pharmaceutical chemist might not seem like no career aspirations, but I’ve just always taken the path of least resistance when it comes to what to study or work as.

This had a mix of good pay at a low level in the industry and being relatively intuitive and interesting to me.

I don’t want to get ahead in my career, and I don’t plan on rising in the industry, leave me in a lab.

But life becomes easier if you learn a skill that society has deemed as deserving of pay. It’s definitely easier and more relaxed than any customer-facing jobs I’ve had over the years.”


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“I have NO career aspirations AT ALL! I’m a product designer for a living.

I hate the corporate ladder and have seen firsthand it does not lead to happiness of any sort. I work to pay the bills and keep a low profile for less stress.

Fortunately, I happen to do something I enjoy for a living.”


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“Chemical Engineer. I don’t care about job titles or corporations to climb the ladder. I just want to make money and enjoy my life outside of work.”


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“Wastewater treatment. The pay is good for the work, and I can move up as high as I want if I bother to get better certs because plants are desperate to replace an aging workforce, and most don’t want/can’t afford to bring on OITs. I just don’t care.”


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“IT. I have just always been good at it, so it takes very little effort. Been at the same company for 15 years.”


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“I’m an Electrician and never had any aspirations whatsoever to go up the corporate ladder. I’m fortunate that I get paid great money (mining).

For the minimal extra cash, I can do without the stress. I would definitely quit on the spot if I won Lotto. I’ve never really enjoyed work from day one.”


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“Traffic management. At the moment, I basically act as the person who sits at one end of a working site on a road or intersection and spins a sign that says stop and go. That’s it. Oh, and set up signs and cones warning that work is ahead.

I did this simply to get money, but already I’m moving my way up the totem pole because they need more qualified people to run sites and have identified me as someone who can learn things and retain information fairly well. I’m also apparently very observant and have a tendency to lead.

I’m merely going with whatever other people say because why not? I haven’t got any plans, so I might as well keep going and see where it leads me.”


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“Restaurant Expeditor at a golf club. I started as a busser when I was 18. I was originally going to work until I figured out what “real job” I wanted; I’m 30 now and still here. It’s not perfect, but there are worse ways to make money imo.”


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“Gas station. I’m stupid to do anything other than wage, so here I am working at a gas station, and unless I get fired, I’ll probably never leave even though I hate it.”


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“I currently manage a NEMT company. They think I’m great. Long as they feed me raises and promotions, and my work performance matches and exceeds their expectations, I see no reason to leave.”

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