While the conventional wisdom suggests that rejection is the worst outcome when confessing your feelings, reality often proves to be much harsher.

An internet user asked, “What’s the worst response to, ‘I have a crush on you’?”. The responses below make the most sense.

Being Laughed At

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“Laughing then they yell to their friends ‘hey yall gotta hear this’.”, said one.

“This happened to me in 8th grade but in front of the entire eighth-grade class, on a class field trip. It was pouring rain and hundreds of us were trapped under a park shelter.

I told my crush and she laughed hard and then loudly repeated it and so did her friends, and then everyone (it felt like) laughed. I ended up choosing to go play in the rain rather than stay dry after that.”, another added.

A Full-Fledged ‘Screw You’ Letter

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“I got a full written letter response once when I was like 10, where my crush went on to explain in great detail the various ways in which I was to eat a toxin and die.”

Saying ‘Oh No’

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“I once accidentally said ‘oh no’, which I think is pretty horrendous.”

Wishing They Never Got to Know It

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“I really wish you hadn’t told me that. (and then they leave without saying anything else).”

The Crying

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“Probably them crying.”, said one.

“I actually did this to someone once. He told me he had a crush on me. I cried a lil bit because I didn’t wanna ruin the friendship, we were besties.

He was heartbroken lmao. We were in 8th grade, so don’t judge me I know it was dramatic.”, another added.

Being Left On Read

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“Being left on read.”, said one.

“Ouch. Been there. Way worse than regular rejection tbh.”, another added.

Complete Denial Of One’s Feelings

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“The worst response I ever got to telling someone I had romantic feelings for them was a condescending ‘No, you don’t, you just *think* you do’.

She had a ridiculous number of guys (and some girls as well) hopelessly infatuated with her, so I was just one more schmuck. She thought she was enlightened about the whole thing, but she was really just arrogant and rather callous.

The feelings I had at the time were absolutely real, though, and I almost wrecked driving home from being so emotionally distraught.”

The Gaming Freak

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“Not now! I’m trying to get this submarine back online!”

Getting Friendzoned

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“I like you as a friend.”, said one.

“I actually try to befriend them as well. They usually become awkward and distance themselves from you.”, another added.

Being Dismissed Like They Hardly Know You

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“I think of you as my sister’s boyfriend’s college roommate’s dog groomer. I don’t know who the hell you are.”


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” ‘I have a BF’ with a look of complete disgust and contempt. Happened to me when I was 16. I’m still scared 21 years later.”

The Brother/Sister Title

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“Aww, you’re like a brother/sister to me.”

Why Me?!

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“4 billion women in the world and you choose me who isn’t interested?”

Being Harassed Over Physical Appearances

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” ‘Bigger girls make me feel like a worker bee.’

How I wish I could disremember that moment when I lost my pride and agreed to just be friends with that person because I couldn’t yet walk away. Not because she didn’t want me. But because that was an ill thing to say, I learned that was because of who she was, not because I wasn’t her physical type.

I’m better now I went out and got some self-esteem. I’ve ways loved being tall and I ain’t gonna let anyone make me feel bad for taking up space.”

Being Thanked Like It Was A Compliment

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“Well the girl I told said ‘Aww thanks’ and that definitely wasn’t the best thing to hear.”

The Awkward Reply

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“Oh wow, good for you. Well done on opening up. I’m just going to call a cab, but it was really nice seeing you.”

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